Reid Flinches Runs To The House, Charge ALIPACers


With the breaking news on our homepage ( reported from NumbersUSA that Maine Senator Olympia Snowe will vote No ON Dream Amnesty Cloture, Sen Reid is retreating!

He has now announced that the Senate will vote after the House votes on the bill!

We must now pursue Reid as he runs to his Democratic stronghold in the House!

Please redirect all of your calls onto our House targets. Please implement new messages now being added at the top of our list!

Everyone, let’s go after the HOUSE. They vote at 6:30pm (estimated) Eastern, and if we hit them with enough calls, to the right offices, with the right messages we may be able to stop this Amnesty push!

Yes, I am ready to help ALIPAC challenge Amnesty with calls to the HOUSE at this link….

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