Pelosi Queen of the Liberals

By: Guest Authors

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Did the Democrats make a mistake when they re-elected Nancy Pelosi?

Speaker Pelosi is without a doubt the most powerful woman in politics. Thank god she is a liberal otherwise she would be torn apart at the stake. But why did the Democrats not dethrone the queen? She has been in power for 4 years as speaker. And she drove the Democrat (bus) House out of power or should we say further into the ditch. Her poll ratings were just about off the charts. They can’t go any lower.

The question needs to be asked. Why didn’t they replace her with someone else? Maybe she holds a few secrets that must remain hidden away in the closets. Questions like how much does she know about where Obama was born? And if he was born in the U.S. why not reveal the documents. There must be something hidden in between the sheets of these documents. Where’s Wikileaks when we really need them.

The other concern should be what did the Democrats do to tank the economy on or about August 2008 that brought our economy to a stand still and it will take years to recover from their handiwork?

And their handiwork has caused irreversible harm to many of the people who put them in office.

These questions will find answers in due time. The Republicans and anti-Obama Democrats like Hillary will have about 18 months to hang all of this on Obama.

But let’s look at Lady Pelosi. She’s almost 71 years old. Isn’t that too old to be an effective leader? The Democrats said President Reagan was too old to run for president. He served 2 terms. Was he too old because he was a conservative or because of some numbers on his birth certificate. At least he had a birth certificate!

Queen Pelosi did not attend Yale, Harvard or any of the other fancy schools. So where does the power come from? But let’s look deeper at all the comments she has made in the last few months. She made a statement that the Democrats created more real jobs since Obama was elected then 8 years of Bush. She must be using that new math which includes jobs saved. But let’s be fair, there is probably some town somewhere in America where that is true. But overall, the steelworkers in Pittsburgh must believe the tongues of the liberals brought to you by Pelosi. She was there to help Sestak who now will join the ranks of the unemployed in Pennsylvania.

But in 2 years if the economy does not turn around, will the masses blame the liberals like Obama and Pelosi or will they blame the House Republicans? Time will tell.

So Pelosi isn’t being attacked like other women. When she makes dumb statements the liberal media does not parade her comments on all talk shows and media outlets. When she wears with delight the lowest approval rating of any speaker of our time, the liberals don’t seem to take notice. So the only reason Nancy Pelosi gets a pass is because she is a liberal.

Do you think just maybe it might be time to change the system that allows for such a travesty?


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