All Fingers Point To Obama

By: Ken Hughes

We learned a lot about Obama this week. We learned he can’t be trusted to keep his promises, we learned he will say and do anything to maintain his presidential stature. We learned he’s a man without principle, one of his comments stands out in my mind and that’s when he said “If a hostage is going to be harmed let the hostage takers go free.” That seems to be his attitude toward the terrorists held in Guantanamo and the illegal’s coming across the border. America doesn’t need protecting at the expense of the down trodden. Barrack Obama should have learned something about America this week, “This land belongs to you and me, we the people” it isn’t up for the taking by the loudest politicians. America’s freedom, it was that way yesterday, it’s that way today and it will be that way tomorrow and all the tomorrows to come.

All fingers are pointing at Obama for the Democrats losses this November. The Pelosi / Reid cabal can’t seem to understand it wasn’t Obama who failed as much as it was congress. For as long as there’s been a congress they’ve blamed presidents when things haven’t gone their way. This time congress is being held accountable along with the president by the voters.
Accountability is something today’s congress has never had to deal with they’re at a loss at what to do who to blame and how to survive. Liberals being liberals it must be someone else’s fault and why not Obama he was the first to blink. Why not make him the escape goat, why not make him the lame duck. For today’s congress both Left and Right Decorum had just as well be a strip club in Georgetown, neither party has the dignity we expect from our congress. Changing congress 2010 was only the beginning 2012 and 2014 are yet to come, and come they will with more changes.

There’s something even more disturbing than the antics of congress going on inside the Washington beltway. The various departments of the government are issuing edicts that dictate public behavior without the consent of congress. These actions are reminiscent of Hitler’s Germany of the 1930’s when public behavior was mandated without the consent of the governed. When the narrative begins with, in the public interests, or for the sake of the children, or for the greater good it isn’t going to benefited any of the afore mentioned. It’s only meant to expand the governments hold on the on the public. If anyone doubts me look at the similarities of the growth of National Socialism in Germany in the 30’s and the growth of Obamanomics in the twenty first century in America. If we accept the meaning of the word government it begins in local schools as early as kindergarten then we can understand how government is corrupting the meaning of many of our age old traditions such as our Christian beliefs. In the 1930s Germany Judaism was forbidden. Today in America Christian traditions are being forbidden by this government from kindergarten classes to the Whitehouse.

Germany started its national police force with Brown Shirts and graduated to the SS. The Obamanistas first in-house police force is the TSA, it’s only the beginning. Departments and agencies throughout the government are making up rules without the consent of congress on most aspects of public life from the light bulbs we must use to the amount of water it takes to flush a toilet, what they can’t mandate they tax. The government over taxes over regulates and under appreciates the very people who hold their futures in their hands. No one wants to believe any American would prefer National Socialism over a Constitutional form of government. There are always those whose personal ambitions and desire for power outweighs their love of country. America has been infested with creeping socialism for the better part of the 20th century and it’s continuing on into the 21st century unless it’s stopped now they will win and liberty will lose.

There’s no longer anything democratic about the Democratic Party except the name. In the past two years Obama, Reid and Pelosi liberals [aka] Obamanistas have made greater strides toward creating a National Socialist government then all previous attempts in the country’s history. Don’t be fooled; this push for absolute socialism is coming from Obama. He’s only a tool for the Pelosi / Reid Cabal to use as a front in case something goes wrong with their plans. Something is going wrong and now Obama is the fall guy, the political pariah of the Democratic Party. All fingers are pointing at Obamas failures from his own Liberal brothers and sisters to the Media pundits who give the public their daily feed of political information. The Democrats loss of the house was the largest change-over in recent history. For as obvious as it was the losers still don’t get why they lost, they don’t understand it’s the peoples government they’re just paid employees.

Conventional wisdom says the shellacking isn’t over, there are still two more election cycles to go before liberalism been cleansed from the American political system and constitutional democracy returns. One hundred years of nannyism can’t be washed away overnight but the effort can begin and in a short time things will begin to change for the better. When more people are forced by necessity to work for their feed they will become more responsible and self motivation and less dependent on government handouts. When the pilgrims landed they had no government, they survived on self reliance and the ability to perform under the most sever of circumstances. It was only after their successes outgrew their ability to perform the mundane duties they formed governments to do what they were to busy to do. Now the government has outgrown the mundane and they’re encroaching on the individual’s right to prosper and live free.

When man loses sight of God and Country he loses sight of all humanity. Too many have sacrificed too much for America to fail now.


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