America Sleeps While Mass Illegal Alien Amnesty Looms


A massive, nation changing, Dream Act amnesty for millions of illegal aliens hangs in the balance needing only one vote in the US Senate that may come any day now. Conservative media conduits like Fox News, Drudge Report, World Net Daily, and many talk radio shows are silent on the matter.

“We have a major problem in the fact that America is sound asleep and the new media is not responding to this new amnesty threat yet,” said William Gheen President of ALIPAC. “We are asking our activists to start climbing over the walls to rally talk radio and warn hosts that the hour is late, the situation is dire, and only a massive reaction from the American public can stop Dream Amnesty from passing before Christmas.”

ALIPAC has helped to defeat the Dream Act Amnesty six times before now, but the historic passage of the bill by a narrow margin in the US House last week bodes ill for the American public. Rasmussen Polling from 2007 shows Americans oppose the Dream Act concept almost 2 to 1!

Most Americans are not aware that the Dream Amnesty is close to passing at any moment. Americans are not aware that millions of them are one vote away from being displaced and replaced in their jobs, colleges, and elections by illegal aliens who may be given the right to work, take college seats, and vote! Most Americans are not aware that there are no enforcement provisions in the Dream Amnesty legislation and instead of the promoted 2-3 million illegal aliens granted Amnesty, ten million or more could qualify. Most Americans are not aware that the bill allows Homeland Security to waive any concerns about who can qualify for Dream Act Amnesty.

“Americans need to start flooding the phone lines of talk radio shows as well as the US Senate to get the ball rolling immediately or everyone will be crying after the fact and asking how this could happen,” said William Gheen. “Some conservative news sources are even singing political lullabies to Americans claiming Dream Act Amnesty won’t pass the Senate!”

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC activists are being asked to contact every media source and talk radio show. Those sources that are
not covering the Dream Act Amnesty, or covering the news in biased fashion, or are lying to the public claiming the bill cannot pass, must lead the push for proper coverage of this situation. The Dream Act Amnesty would radically alter the United States, eventually dis-empowering tens of millions of American voters, students, and workers, and make expectations of future border security and immigration enforcement impossible.

Members of the media who are still loyal to Americans and the ethics of journalism are asked to report on the Dream Act Amnesty’s strong chance of passage in the US Senate and the negative consequences Americans will face if that happens before the Senate votes.

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