Government Employees – For The Most Part, Over Paid, Over Staffed, Lazy and Too Often, Found In A Nearly Prone Position

By: Keith Allison

I know, I know, there are quite a few public servants who are conscientious about doing their jobs, and actually do the job they’re paid, through public funds, to do. The problem is, I, and probably many of my readers have too often noted public employees drowsing at their computers, asleep in a government vehicle parked down some out of the way, seldom used by-way. These public employees, or servants if you prefer, may call me whatever they wish, but it won’t change the fact that I’ve too often witnessed them or their cohorts all but comatose while flopped out on the seat of a parked vehicle where they presumably though no one would see them. Even so, I am forced to opine that the worst offenders are not so much the hourly paid public employees, our politicians and bureaucrats appear to put them to shame when it comes to avoiding putting in an honest days work.

Anyone who has had the misfortune to find it necessary to enter a government office occupied by so many employees, they appear to have little concern about getting any work done. My experience has been to observe many of these denizens of government offices simply standing about, coffee, or tea cup in hand, holding an animated conversation with one of their fellow workers about their latest “hot date,” or berating some other employee for their some perceived shortcoming because they don’t cater to the other persons lack of interest in doing their job.

Anyway, my brother-in-law Doug and I got into a short, animated conversation this morning about how so many of our politicians studiously avoid even mentioning a few of the steps that would return our government and nation to a sound monetary policy. Instead, they blunder along repeatedly telling us how much it is going to hurt as we are forced to tighten our belts and make do with less if we are to get our economy back on a sound footing. The imposter in the Whitehouse tells us that as his policies are put into effect, our cost for electricity is going to virtually explode. Of course, he and his clan don’t have to worry about things like that because we, the general public, are undoubtedly footing the bill for him to live in 74 degree comfort. Then, when you take into consideration his penchant for taking numerous vacations along with a few thousand of his “friends” in tow, I seriously doubt the expense of dragging along those admirers in the numerous aircraft required for their comfort, will come out of his pocket.

I believe that anyone could go on and on about the enormous waste of time and money related to government service and/or government projects. But, there is one thing my brother-in-law and I seldom hear emanating from any of our government employees or the talking heads of the news media. That being the need to unload a bunch of our public employees and do away with the non-productive “jobs” they hold down. I mean my gosh, how many assistant, assistant, assistant, assistant aides do these government employees need in order to get their jobs done? I would certainly hate to hear the bellyaching going on if some of these “administrative sorts” had to work up a sweat at any time. Frankly, as far as I’m concerned, if government ever gets serious about getting our economy straightened out, I believe they could probably eliminate any number of government employees along with social programs not mentioned within our Constitution. On that note, I wish at least one of our government sort would inform me of where in the Constitution it is stated that our tax dollars are to be handed over to some egotistical tyrant heading up a foreign country with utter disregard for anyone but themselves. I also don’t believe there is any necessity for studying sand fleas in some distant desert, or discovering how a certain species of turtles propagates. Frankly, I think that would embarrass me if I had nothing better to do than sit around someplace watching two turtles mate and then writing a 20,000 word paper on the subject

And then, how about the perks so many of them receive for life. Can anyone out there tell me if they know of anyone but a government employee who receives a life-time perk of full salary if they retire or are forced out of office after only one year of public service? How many nine to fivers are furnished with a company car or truck to ride in to and from work? Of course that includes all maintenance costs and gasoline for the vehicle at government (aka public) expense even when they are used for social or entertainment purposes.

Ah well, enough said for today.

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