Why Congress Is To Blame

By: Ken Hughes

It wasn’t the America people who ran up the enormous national debt. It wasn’t the American people who through excessive regulations and tax have forced small industries to leave the country. It wasn’t the American people who turned the world’s most productive and innovative nation into the nanny state. The nanny state started when Lyndon Johnson created a new Great Society comprised on unwed mothers and fatherless children the state supported. The nanny state and its promiscuity have been on the rise ever since, public housing, food stamps, free medical care and a host of other benefits including free breakfasts and lunches for all school children paid for by the working public’s taxes. The Clintons tried and failed at bringing children into the sphere of government influence with Hillary’s book “It Takes a Village.” The current attempt by Michelle Obama saying child behavior is to complex for parents to understand and it’s up to the government to step in. High on ever Socialist agenda is manipulating the minds of children. Children are every socialist society’s gold mine they are the future.

There was a time when farm boys like Harry Truman or military men like Dwight Eisenhower, even actors like Ronald Reagan had an opportunity of becoming president. These men were all as common as dirt. Now without a PhD from an Ivy League University preferable Harvard no one stands a chance at getting one of the important jobs in government. We’ve seen what Harvard has done to the country now it’s time for Boise State the University of Wyoming and other institutions of reasonable learning to have their chance. There’s been entirely too much elitism in the government to understand and address the needs of those common folks out in the hinterlands of America.

Democrat or Republican it really doesn’t matter it’s the Washington establishment, elected, appointed, hired and lobbyists who’re corrupting the system. Washington operates in a vacuum void of all outside influences. There’s a voice in Washington that speaks for all of them “We Don’t Hear You!” Now even after the shellacking the congressional establishment took in November many in Washington still don’t get it, they think this is just a passing fancy that will blow over by 2012. Let’s eliminate establishment Republicans as being as corrupt as Democrats and concentrate on Conservatives and their Tea Party partners for revitalizing American politics. 2010 was an excellent start but conservatives can’t take a holiday just yet. It’s going to take at least two and perhaps three more national elections to clean out Washington’s incompetence from top to bottom.

The question “Why Congress is to blame” there’s a very simple answer, congress is the first line between the people and their federal government. That line has become blurred by congresses arrogance and self-aggrandizement. Congress persons have become the divas of the political system, they even put themselves above the president and the courts, separate but equal means nothing to them. With the help of the media congress has created a myth around the presidency that says they’re the final party responsible when things go wrong. The public saw it with President Bush and now president Obama who is beginning to take his lumps from congress. Congress makes the laws and pays the bills, president are there to approve or disapprove of what congress does.

I doubt Obama is smart enough to realize it’s been Nancy Pelosi running the show for the past two years. Beginning the second week in January people are going to see a side of Nancy Pelosi they never would have thought existed. Nancy Pelosi isn’t About to let four years of her work be destroyed by a bunch of right wing conservatives, not if she can do anything about it. John Boehner who is equally as cunning as Pelosi is creating a persona of a soft hearted / headed weakling who can easily be pushed around. The pushers are the same people who thought they could push Sarah Palin around and we know how far they got with that. Politics has always been a ruthless game only recently has the childish moved to the surface. I can’t recall when vulgarity and vindictiveness was ever as pervasive as it is now, one can’t help but question if this isn’t the Harvard influence showing thorough.

Democrats [aka] Liberals, Progressives and Socialists have an agenda and that is to establish a government in America sans the constitution in favor of a dictatorship. They’re the Ivy League elitists who know what’s best for the masses at least in their opinion. Government is the left’s God anything less than total control is unacceptable to them. As we listen to Obama, Reid and Pelosi ramble on about the need for government oversight we have to wonder what part of “We the People” they don’t understand. Mainstream America has very little interest is becoming the perfect society where government agents lead them by the hand to the supposed good life. For those who have never had the opportunity to view a socialist society from the inside it isn’t a pretty picture. When man loses his freedom of thought and movement there isn’t much left to hang on to.

Normal Americans can’t believe there are actually people who are willing to give up what America’s stood for nearly four hundred years since the pilgrims first landed. God created the critters and made them subservient to their environment, he / she created man with an environment subservient to them. Somewhere along the assembly process the Angels missed installing some of the critical parts that makes some men function normally, we can hope they’re in the minority.

America has and is attracting the best and the brightest from the four corners of the earth. The immigration to America has always been one of mans dreams, it’s the land where man is free to pursue his ambitions without excessive government influences. In the past two years that dream has been deteriorated by this liberal administration’s excessive regulations. Never before in the history of the republic has the constitution been so violated, so distorted and so ignored. It’s time to change back to what we once had.

Creeping liberalism has been on the rise for the past 75 years, it can end in two more elections [4 years] if the people want a constitutional government again.


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