The New Congress Needs God’s Guidance

By: Keith Allison

Political wise men have replaced religious wise men as the focus of public perception. A century ago Gods laws were what guided man to stay on the straight and narrow path. In this the 21st century the paths are many and few are those recognizing Gods Laws. The everyday citizens commitment to religion hasn’t diminished only that of elected officials has. These days it isn’t politically correct, to admit to a belief in Christianity and no politician can afford not to bow to political correct advocates. Many centuries ago wise men were sought out and listened to. Today all it takes to reach supposed wise men is a remote control or a mouse and all the wisdom a person can possibly absorb is their on a screen in front of them. It seems Media pundits think they’re the only wise ones.

With the vast amounts of information available to the public politicians seem to be treating voters with less respect as if they don’t have a clue what’s going on in the country. At least that was the case until November 2010 when the tables were turned. It wasn’t just the Tea Party that rebelled against a congressional statuesque; it was the majority of the voters who finally had it with the same old rhetoric. For years candidates have promised if elected they will change Washington and a promise is as far as it ever gets they just add to the corruption once they’re sworn in.

This past week is the first time in years we’ve seen the minority party take a stand and change things. Republicans still the minority party has with legislation written on a single sheet of paper a bill replacing a bill written on over 1,900 sheets of paper, a bill that would have added one trillion dollars to the deficit. This is the first time a Republican congress has show real leadership since Newt Gingrich was the speaker of the house in 1995. I suspect it’s more a fear of the next election that’s their inspiration rather than their toning down the excesses of congress. Prior to President Teddy Roosevelt congress believed the individual was the backbone of the country, government went to extremes to stay out of the public’s daily lives. Teddy came along with his progressive politics and stirred things up. At that time that may have been a good thing Corporate America was running unchecked over the public’s interests. However that isn’t the case today and congress has no justification demonizing job providers over the thugs who oversee unions and the Washington bureaucracy.

It seems some congress persons think the Tea Party movement is just a fad that will disappear now the midterm elections are over, that’s a mistake those who aren’t paying attention will regret.

The first shot in the War of Independence was fired in Boston in 1770, that last shot was fired in 1783. It took 13 years for a rag-tag army of farmers and tradesmen to defeat the largest and best equipped army in the world. That was made possible because Americans don’t want a government that makes decisions for the individual. They wouldn’t tolerate it then and they won’t tolerate it now. It took nearly one hundred forty years of British rule for the colonials to rebel. It’s taken one hundred years of creeping liberalism for modern America to rebel; this is the first year of the modern 13 year cycle.

What is it about “We the People” liberals don’t understand? Why do liberals ignore “All men are created equal” to succeed or fail on their own merits according to each person’s efforts? There are no welfare clauses in the constitution or the holy bible as far as we know. If God is the great creator / master planner and I believe he / she is then America must have been the icing on the cake. America’s been blessed with everything the rest of the world has and more, it’s greatest attribute has always been freedom for its people. Creeping liberalism has eroded the constitution to a point personal freedoms are at risk. Fortunately congressional elections come in two year cycles and the voters are given an opportunity to correct their previous errors.

Establishment congress persons who were lucky enough to escape the 2010 purge had better change their attitudes, 2012 is only 23 months away and closing in fast. God willing the Tea Party will remain active and it will inspire the remaining establishment Republicans and Democrats to become more conservative and read the constitution as though it were the holy bible. Throughout the years when the arrogance of elected officials reaches a certain point the public steppes up to the plate and makes congress aware whose country this is and who ultimately is in charge. This time around public scrutiny is going to be for a longer period of time and the demands are going to be more severe.

Socialism is as foreign to Americans as Christianity is to most of the Middle East. America is the nation that pioneered individual freedom. It gave the world its first constitutional government of, by and for the people. The Greeks invented the word democracy, Americans invented the mechanism to makes it work for people. Every so often the public becomes lax and the politicians take advantage, they do their power grab until they’re stopped. This time congress and the administration went too far to the left and they are going to pay a heavy price.

It’s the intention of liberals to create what they perceive as a perfect society where the elites manage everything and the public is required to accept their decisions for the greater good. The average American is better than that they’re capable of making their own decisions. Americans have had their feet buried in conservative dirt for over 300 years however the government is in a constant state of change, there’s a message in that somewhere. God created America so freedom loving people from around the world would have a place to go and not be tormented by an over reaching government. It’s time to return to those good old days when the government feared the voters more than the voters feared the government.

As a group we all need to keep the pressure on congress to make sure the madness ends. The Tea Party must stay active and grow at least through 2014.


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