Why Sarah Palin Can Win

By: Ken Hughes

Sarah Palin can win the presidency in 2012 because she’s the real deal, 100% Momma America. As for those who think she isn’t smart enough to be president how many of them have turned a two year negative media blitz into pure gold? For those who know their history P T Barman wasn’t this successful. Sarah Palin has been able to turn every liberal lie promoted by the media around in her favor she’s done this with her quick wit and profound honesty. She’s managed all of this without the help of professional handlers. If her rise from mediocrity to becoming one of the most recognized and respected women in the country is an example of her abilities she could turn this government / country around in the same time frame it’s taken Obama to destroy it.

Sarah Palin is the first public figure whose children have been used as political fodder. Neither alcoholic Billy Carter nor drug addicted imprisoned Roger Clinton was scrutinized the way Bristol Palin’s been. It takes a lot of courage for the Palin family to go about their daily lives knowing their every move will be questioned. Everything about the Palin family screams honorable middle America, their children are normal sometimes bordering on the obnoxious but always respectful of their parents whishes. Track the oldest served his country in the Middle East then returned to take over the family fishing business. Bristol is making her way in her own way she recently purchased a home in Arizona a long way from Alaska in order to show her independence. Willow is wrestling with being a teen in the same way all teens do except she’s under constant media surveillance. Piper is the quintessential preteen lovingly bratish child. Trig the youngest came into this world surrounded by controversy his affliction protects him from knowing just how badly the media treats his family, what he does experience is 24/7 love. The Palin family is a composite of all American families, those who are and those who would like to be.

The liberal establishment in Washington saw Sarah Palin as a person to be feared and went after her with a vengeance. They knew what she did to change the political structure in Alaska and knew she could do the same if she and McCain won the election. The Washington establishment Democrat and Republican can’t afford a Sarah Palin looking for dirt under their rugs. Congresses Good Old Boys Club is working just fine without Palin getting involved. Congress hates a reformer like the Devil hates Sunday. During the campaign season platitudes flow like vodka at a Polish wedding, Sarah Palin doesn’t engage in hypocrisy, she says what she means and is more than willing to stand by her words. The Media Greats blindsided Sarah Palin in her first interviews. It didn’t take long before the new kid on the block wore off and Sarah Paling came out defending herself in only a way she can, wit and facts.

There’s never been a political family quite like the Palins, during the McCain Palin campaign the Palin children were present most of the time, even little Trig was there for every important accusation. Most politicians use their families as trophies to be photographed and then sent back in the shadows. The Palin family always seems to be united in whatever their involved in.

Only Sarah Palin knows if she will be a contender in the 2012 presidential election. She seems to be mapping out a strategy used by several successful candidates in the past. Writing a book seems to be one of the first priorities for a candidate. Having a successful TV show is always a boost. Rather than appearing on every TV and Radio talk shows. Sarah Palin has chosen wisely letting her fingers do the talking on Facebook and Twitter. She’s able to make a statement knowing it will be picked up by the media and dissected as though it were a frog in a high school biology class. Her uses Facebook and Twitter may be the cleverest of her promotions.

Because Sarah Palin didn’t Intern in Washington and isn’t a member of the eastern elite’s society with an Ivy League degree the left wants to depict her as stupid. I can’t think of anyone who has ever taken the distain of the media and the total disrespect of the left and turned it into a million dollar wind fall in such a short time. Every negative statement made about her she smiles and turns it back on those who would malign her. I doubt there is anyone in America today as scrutinized as Sarah Palin. I doubt anyone enjoys it more than Sarah Palin and her family, that’s what comes from being totally comfortable in your own skin. The lefts continual snipping only further ingrains Sara Palin into the hearts of the American people.

It isn’t Sarah Palin whose stupid as the liberal left would like us to believe, it’s the liberal left fooling themselves. They are so intent on destroying her they will go to any lengths tell any lie and fabricate any story they think will do her harm. Voters may have been stupid enough to elect liberals in 2008 but that doesn’t mean they haven’t seen the error of their choices. Sarah Palin is not one of the Washington establishment and therefore doesn’t qualify for a seat at their table, actually in their opinion she doesn’t qualify to serve their tables even as a waitress. Like the ancient courts of Europe where pedigree was the keys to the kingdom congress operates in the same manor. Those who aren’t graduates of an Ivy League Instruction are nothing.

Maybe its time to given America back to the rubs in the hinterlands
where it all started. Before the elitists took control of the country America paid its bills and had money left over for the important things governments are charged with doing. Debt free is the way Sarah Palin ran Alaska when she was governor. There’s little doubt she couldn’t do the same for the federal government with the help of a cooperative congress. America has reached a point when the old way no longer work, to continue down the same path is a road to disaster.

The way back from the abyss is in the hands of the American people not politicians. Maybe it’s Sarah Palins time to show what a frontier woman can do the Ivey League Liberals couldn’t do.


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