Corruption, Corruption, Corruption

By: Keith Allison

I believe the time is ripe for my end of the year perspective on how we, as American’s, continue to allow our corrupt politicians and/or bureaucrats to further tighten our thumb screws with their compliance to the sand dwellers extortionate demands for their oil. Current political thinking appears to be that if we play nice and pour our money into the coffers of obviously corrupt and evil elements, they will be nice to us and do us no further harm. This thinking appears to motivate our lunatic fringe in government to prop up groups of desert dwellers by purchasing their oil at whatever exorbitant price they decide to extort from us. The only reason they are able to do this is probably due to our political cowards basically shutting down our own oil industry. So, questioning as anyone with a lick of sense would, why have our politicians and bureaucrats opted to play along with the extortionate demands of the oil sheiks in the middle-east? Do you suppose they could possibly be profiting financially from our compliance with the extortionate demands of our sand dweller friends?

From what I’ve read, America has more oil underground than all of the oil bearing strata throughout the rest of the world. If that statement is correct, I believe it’s high time we tell the “greenies” and oil sheiks where they can stick their agenda’s. To those greenies that believe they, and only they and their policies can save the planet, I say pull your head out of your lower anatomy, quit hiding your intent to drag our economy back to the middle-ages, and do something productive with your life. And, if you greenies don’t like living in America, let us know, I’m sure we can arrange transportation for you to your under developed location of choice. The long and short of it is, this nation and her people do not need to have you attempting to ham-string our economy and way of life. In case you have yet to realize it, it is precisely because of the innovation and drive of the American people, that most of the rest of the planets people have a life expectancy they could not have achieved without our successes in food production, healthcare and numerous other life giving innovations.

Getting back to our oil production abilities, stay off the collective backs of our oil producing entities. You might also quit making pay-offs to those scum sucking politicians who can’t

pass up an illicit “campaign contribution,” and then use their influence to pass legislation barring oil production in our own country. It seems obvious to me and many others like me that if our oil company’s were free to do what they do best, we wouldn’t be looking at the cost of oil breaching the $80.00 per barrel mark. Of course, if it is your intent to bankrupt this country and drive her people back into occupying huts and caves as our ancestors once did, you’re on the right track. But, if that is your intent, remember this: There are many more like me who will fight you and your intent to destroy the most successful nation on earth. You will not prevail, because we are capable of being just as ruthless in saving our country as you have been in trying to destroy it.

Enough said!

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