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January 3, 2011

Politically Incorrect, and Proud of It

Filed under: Immigration - 03 Jan 2011

What’s wrong with calling them what they are? I don’t care if their country of origin is Mexico, the Philippines, the Congo or anywhere else on this planet; if they entered the United States without following our laws and/or procedures …

Obama’s Cole appointment creates Beltway firestorm

Filed under: War On Terror - 03 Jan 2011

In a Legal Times column by written by James Cole he refers to the 9/11 attacks as “criminal acts of terrorism against a civilian population.” Cole went on to state that the United States has faced “many forms of devastating …

2011 Could be a Year of Trench Warfare

2010 is not a year anyone in politics is going to forget, nor should they. The ruling class was sent a loud and clear message that the American people do not approve of their course of action, and a reversal …