2011 Could be a Year of Trench Warfare

By: Craig Chamberlain

2010 is not a year anyone in politics is going to forget, nor should they. The ruling class was sent a loud and clear message that the American people do not approve of their course of action, and a reversal is needed before there’s no country left at all. The problem is that one political party didn’t get the message, or didn’t care, and the other party is run by a bunch of beltway insiders who would like to say to the tea party: “thanks for getting us elected, we’ll take it from here.” The Tea Party can’t let that happen. If the GOP goes back to the same old way of doing business then they won’t be in business for very long. The people need to hold the Congresses feet to the fire, and let them know that we won’t accept anything but real reform and change, no more half measures.

Not that getting what we want is going to be easy. It never is for conservatives. Not that it gives us an excuse to complain, it just means that we have to work harder to put the country back in order. The Democrats are in no mood to see the people undo everything that they have labored into the dead of night to pass in secrecy. They don’t want to go back to the way things were before, not when they are so close to a fundamental transformation of America from a Federal Republic of free citizens into a Social Democracy of dependents. The GOP leadership isn’t going to be much help either. They are, by nature, a timid and cautious bunch, more worried about poll numbers and their image in the press than what they can actually get accomplished.

The Democrats are totally committed to preserving their order, and making sure that all of the statist policies that they have enacted, from Obamacare, the stimulus, net neutrality, cap and trade, and their attempt to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. Anyone who says that the two parties are basically the same needs to be medicated. If you think that the Democrats are too conservative, then you should by a ticket to Havana, you’ll probably be very happy under the gentle rule of the Castro’s. By now anyone still living in reality knows what the Democratic party stands for, and what it wants to do to America. Either you’re for it, or you’re against it. I don’t see how there can be any middle ground. And that’s a big part of the problem. The Democrats know that they got pounded in the election, and despite what they say to the media, they know WHY they got pounded. It wasn’t a marketing problem, it was the product itself. The thing is, they don’t care. They don’t care what the voters think, they don’t care what the law says, and they don’t care what limits to constitution places on them. As far as they are concerned there are no limits.(look at former Speaker Pelosi’s “are you serious?” when someone had the nerve to even mention the constitution at all) It’s going to be impossible to work with a bunch of mad men who are working overtime to establish a leviathan state.

The Democrats are fully aware that their program is unpopular(not to mention unconstitutional) but as far as they are concerned all they have to do is hold fast. Sooner or later, they believe, the inevitable will happen. All of the rotten old conservatives will just die off, the younger, and more liberal, generation will take their place along side blacks and Hispanics to usher in a new age of progressivism. Too bad the demographics don’t bear that out. They’re the ones breeding themselves out of existence.

So, in the mean time, we’re going to have trench warfare, just as President Obama promised. The Democrats believe that history and morality are on their side, and there is no reason to change anything. Just block the evil conservatives, and their hordes of racist, uncivilized, supporters and things will be just fine. The GOP is only in trouble if it accepts that as true. If it gives in, declares the situation hopeless, and compromises in a spirit of bipartisanship, then the GOP is beat for sure. The GOP, especially its freshmen members, must be willing to fight, and keep fighting.

The Democrats are still powerful, with control of the Senate, and the Presidency, but the GOP has control of the house and must be willing to use that powerful to accomplish their goals, and make real change and not just use that power to get the best deal that they think is possible. The Tea Party is now in control of the purse and must be willing to use it in order to keep the Democrats in check. Their motto should be “not one cent” not one cent for Obamacare, not one cent for net neutrality, not one cent cap and trade, or for any other extra constitutional, executive action that the President wants to undertake.

So for conservatives, it’s time to dig in, and above all else, be ready to fight.

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