Politically Incorrect, and Proud of It

By: Keith Allison

What’s wrong with calling them what they are? I don’t care if their country of origin is Mexico, the Philippines, the Congo or anywhere else on this planet; if they entered the United States without following our laws and/or procedures for living in this country, they’re illegal aliens. They’re certainly not “immigrants” as the brain dead, politically correct element of society prefers to call them. The word “immigrant” evinces the connotation of something having been done through legal channels; and that, is definitely not what those who sneak into our country and live off the labor of America’s citizens have done.

The politically correct element has not asked for my opinion on this issue, but I’m not particularly interested in their perversion of the truth behind the acceptance of the illegal alien movement in this country either.

I don’t have the facts and figures at hand to cite how much financial damage these illegal aliens do to the economy of America, but I do recall from the material I have read that the damage is immense. Also, according to the documents I’ve read, the vast majority of our prisons and/or jails contain a preponderance of illegal aliens as opposed to home grown citizens of the United States. And, the reason many of these illegal aliens are in jail apparently has little, if anything, to do with their status as illegal aliens. For the most part, it appears there are more illegal aliens involved in murder, armed robbery, car-jacking and other forms of misconduct than the remainder of American society combined. Don’t misinterpret what I’m saying here, I am fully aware that we have our fair share of miscreants in American society, it’s just that the material I’ve seen on the subject tells me the illegal alien community appears to have a lock on being involved in the preponderance of criminal activity throughout this nation.

As an American, I believe that because our own government refuses to close our borders, it is just as responsible for the invasion of this criminal element into our country as the illegal aliens are for coming here illegally and committing their criminal activity across the land. My contempt for many of our politicians and judges prostituting their offices in order to curry favor from the illegal alien element knows no bounds. As a result, I have developed the opinion that at both the State and federal levels, our politicians and many judges should be limited to a maximum of two terms in office. Due to that opinion, I vote accordingly, and try to vote out incumbents who have served two or more terms. I believe it is high time that our political element learn what it is like to do an honest day’s work, and earn an honest living without someone padding their pockets to give their proposed questionable legislation or judicial problems the legitimacy of support from government.

Admittedly, I’m not known to be a supporter of democrats because of the liberal bent of so many of their politicians. And, as a rule, whenever I’ve found a republican candidate to be of that perssuasion, I have refused to vote for them too. In my opinion, it makes no difference if a politician or judge is a democrat or republican, if they espouse liberal policies, they do not deserve a seat in a court of law, the House, the Senate, or the Whitehouse. If I find a conservative democrat opposing a conservative republican, I will do my best to determine which of the two will support and defend the Constitution, and serve the laws of this nation, and I will vote for that candidate. That applies to candidates for judicial office as well.

Enough said!

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