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January 6, 2011

ALIPAC’s 2010 Accomplishments

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In 2010 ALIPAC…

– Played a central and decisive role in defeating the DREAM ACT Amnesty legislation in the US Senate for the 6th and 7th times in 2010. ALIPAC strategies were cited by Amnesty supporters as hindering the passage of …

Obama Administration one of the most corrupt, says Rep. Issa

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US Representative Darrell Issa, the incoming chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, spent the weekend bashing the Obama Administration saying it was one of the most corrupt administrations ever.

What if the Healthcare Law is Not Repealed?

One of the first thing that the new Congress wants to do is vote to repeal the healthcare law. And, that’s a good idea. If ever a law deserved to be repealed it’s Obamacare. The bill is expensive, confusing, threatening, …