Big Losers of 2010: Tea Party and Republicans

By: Guest Authors

By: Dr. Jake Baker

One would have thought that with the elections safely behind us and a new year in front of us that all would be right with the world. After all, many of the Tea Party candidates were elected, many “conservative” Republicans were enthroned, and many Democrats were tossed out like yesterday’s bad news. But such is not the case. The recently ended lame duck session of Congress ended with a breath-taking agenda being passed because of the avarice -or cowardice – of the Republicans in the Senate and House of Representatives.

Harry Reid, who found as many Republican traitors as he needed to act as willing lackeys for the socialist agenda of the Reid, Pelosi, and Obama Unholy Trinity, couldn’t be happier. He passed a stunning array of legislation in the most destructive lame duck sessions in history. >From homosexualizing the military, to the giveaway of food sovereignty, to outright betrayal of our country in the passage of the START Treaty. Harry Reid deserves the Benedict Arnold Award for betrayal.

The Republicans should win the award for best supporting cast. Not one of these items could have been passed without the complicity of Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans.

Benedict Reid was able to pass S.510, which will destroy small farms in America, cedes food sovereignty of this nation to the DHS, the EPA, and the UN through international treaty, and bans food storage, vegetable stands, and seed storage for Americans. How anybody would be so stupid or traitorous to vote for such a bill is beyond me, but vote they did. Congratulations America … the UN now officially controls your food supplies. Just as an aside, there were no dissenting Republican votes on this bill. It was passed with a unanimous voice vote … so much for just a few bad apples amongst the Republicans in the Senate.

Meanwhile, our military capability has been dramatically reduced by the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Setting aside the moral, or rather the immoral, implications, which are grave in such a move, Rome found out that just before an empire collapses progressives make open homosexuality possibly in the military. Between the gossamer gays and the brutish bulls, the presence of these individuals is both disruptive and morale breaking. Privacy is destroyed in the barracks, the showers, and even in combat. Now, add the courts and law suits in this litigious society and one cannot imagine that our military will even be able to function a few years from now.

In one final flying digit and insult to their countrymen, and especially those who had the temerity to stand up and say, “Enough!” liberal Republicans and Democrats coalesced and created a series of laws from which America may not recover.

Pathetic RINOs such as, Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts (newly elected with the help of the Tea Party), Lisa Murkowski of Alaska (re-elected as a write-in candidate), newly elected Mark Kirk of Illinois, and liberal retiring lame duck George Voinovich of Ohio (who took one last opportunity to betray his party and his country), newly re-elected Richard Burr of North Carolina, John Ensign of Nevada (who is up for election in 2012), Susan Harridan Collins of Maine (who is up for reelection in 2014), and Olympia Termagant Snowe of Maine (who is up for election in 2012) showed their true colors in the voting to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell during this lame duck session of congress.

Then there is the START Treaty. This bill should have been filibustered from the beginning. Never before has a treaty of this magnitude been passed during a lame duck session. This debilitating concordant was jammed through the Senate with practically no discussion or debate and no amendments. The provisions of the preamble of this treaty eliminate our defensive missile capability, hurt us numerically in short and mid range missiles, and put the Russians at a marked advantage on almost every front. Did it not occur to any of these cretins that the Russians said they would pull out of the agreement if one word of the treaty was changed because they had us right where they wanted us? Yet, the Democrats with the help of the RINO Senators, just blithely inflicted this treaty upon the American people. This begs the question: Are they just stupid or is there a darker side to this vote?

Voting with the Democrats were 13 Progressive Republican Senators. They included: Alexander (TN), Bennett (UT) – retiring, Brown (MA), Cochran (MS), Collins, ME), Gregg (NH) – retiring, Isakson (GA), Johanns (NE), Lugar (IN), Murkowski (AK), Snowe (ME), Voinovich (OH) – retiring.

I hope every Tea Party American remembers this list of traitors who sold America into treaty slavery in an unprecedented lame duck session voting with other progressives to cripple this nation. They should be recalled, excoriated, and replaced with real Americans. They are progressive seditionists who, while pretending to love their country, are voting for her demise with the creation of this treaty and the all new gay military.

But on a brighter note, this might inspire some real creativity in the ad agencies that handle the accounts for the armed services. I can’t wait to see the new recruiting ads for the military. Perhaps we could see the Village People singing the “In the Navy,” with the new tagline It’s not just a job silly, it’s an adventure. And I thrill with the thought of Boy George singing the ever popular “From the Closets of Montezuma” with their new tagline, The Few … The Proud … The Gay. And perhaps the army can change their song to “Stand By Your Man” sung by a Liberace look alike, with a new tagline that reads How can you be all you can be with these uniforms? We’ve got to change the color. I can almost see Barney Frank standing there with a tear in his eye as his “boyz” go off to do battle with terrorist hairstylists and potentially violent seamstresses everywhere.

We’ll see what the new Congress brings. But for me, if in about 120 days I don’t see a remarkable change in the Republican establishment, I will begin working for a new political party that replaces the sellouts with real Americans, patriots, and statesmen instead of the political hacks that are so content to sell us down the river.

So, my Republican friends, if by May 1, 2011, you have not made major strides in undoing what has been done to us, you will find me doing all I can to replace your party with a party that really cares for America and is willing to put it all on the line to save this country. There are only two sides in this debate – the side of the constitution and the American people – or – the side of the progressive, globalist, socialists who are leading us to their mark of the beast New World Order.

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