Why Is America In Afghanistan

By: Ken Hughes

This is a question the American people keep asking more and more. Originally it was to defeat al Qaeda, they weren’t defeated but they were driven out of Afghanistan to other parts of the world. Now American troops are fighting a Taliban militia for no apparent reason other than to back up a corrupt government in Kabul the supposed capital of the mythical land of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is not a country recognized by the local population, Afghanistan is an accumulation of tribal territories each with their own leaders responsible to no formal government. It’s been that way since the Neanderthals roamed those mountains. America isn’t going to change thousands of years of repetitious cultural nor should we try. American troops are no longer fighting al Qaeda now they’re fighting the Taliban to protect the Karzai government from being overthrown.

Going to war in Afghanistan was the right thing to do to show Bin Laden and his al Qaeda cut throats Americans were not the paper tigers he had lead the world to believe we were, staying to nation build is foolish. If America wants to build a nation it should bring the troop home and deploy them to the Mexican Broader were we have real interests.

For as long as I can remember nearly 80 years now America has been engaged in nation building somewhere in the world. Granted we have the most democratic style of government but that doesn’t give this country a right to force it on others against their will. Democracy can’t be injected into a culture like a vaccine is injected into humans to prevent an illness. For as fair as the free market system is it isn’t embraced by everyone, in order for the free market to exist all aspects must be shared equally including the work effort and that’s where it falls short with many who are use to being provided for. Too many people are willing to share the rewards without sharing the effort and that’s where the Afghans fall short, they want peace but don’t want to sacrifice to obtain it.

As long as the Afghans are ruled by tribal strong men not America, Karzai or the Taliban can claim to be in charge of Afghanistan. For more than five thousand years foreign armies have tried and failed to conquer the region. These are people who have survived for generations on little or nothing, they don’t know anything else so what’s their motivation to change, when America leaves they’ll still have nothing. The Karzai Family will be rich and the rest of the Afghans will still be milking goats and digging roots to survive.
Oh yes I neglected to mention growing poppies for heroin export.

Unless the Afghan people are willing to take up the sword and fight for their own freedom America shouldn’t be wasting its blood and recourses fighting for them. To date there’s no united effort by the people living in the territories of Afghanistan to even want a nation and especially a democratic nation. Democracy and Islam are not compatible ideologies, why do so many Muslims move to semi [pseudo] Democratic / Christian nations? Is it perhaps to have it both ways just in case one is right and one is wrong? When Armageddon comes if it does these transformed Muslims believe they’ll be able to cross over to the winning side whichever that side may be. Right now home grown Islam is to restrictive for most.

The American politicians use crises for cover when enacting regulations contrary to the constitution, more often than not there are no real crises but the battles go on. The national media gets more of their stories from government leaks than from reporters searching out the facts. All it takes is for unidentified reliable sores to speak up and a story is born. These days The media no longer needs stinking facts. There should be a way of holding the media liable for false stories creating crises without changing the constitution, freedom of the press shouldn’t be a license to lie and cheat.

When George Bush was president the media couldn’t find enough wrong with his war policies. Once Obama was sworn in and he followed the Bush war policies to the letter the media turned their attention to Sarah Palin. Something they have since come to regret except for the hard-line liberals like MSNBC, CNN and NPR / NPTV. As long as Obama is president the war in Afghanistan will remain a noble cause. Forget the Taliban it’s a real threat to America’s homeland security except for random radicals who so far have been caught and prosecuted before they could do any harm. Homeland Security can’t continue to disrupt the lives of three hundred million American citizens on the chance one or a dozen terrorists may or may not do us harm. It’s coming to the point the Taliban and al Qaeda are less of a challenge to the American people’s safety then our own government.

Since governments began they’ve used foreign conflicts and foreign threats to divert attention away from domestic issues

Getting back to why we’re in Afghanistan, how much of a threat the Taliban is to the United States is questionable? What will defeating the Taliban and bringing the troops home accomplish? Will winning the war in Afghanistan end the threat of al Qaeda terrorists? Will either the Taliban or al Qaeda surrender or will they just move a short distance to another country and keep on terrorizing the world. In five thousand years no invading army has ever concurred what we refer to as Afghanistan. About the only thing any invader was able to leave in Afghanistan that stuck was the Islamic religion. And even then only with modifications designed to fit their own culture. Afghanistan can neither be conquered nor governed by outsiders and not even by a centralized Afghan government. Afghans are a composite of all the neighboring cultures around them they don’t even share a common language. There is no winning the war in Afghanistan, not in the past, not now and not in the future as long as they cling to their old traditions.

There was a reason for invading Afghanistan it was to break the back of al Qaeda a terrorist organization that was raising havoc murdering people around the world. As usual no nation except America was willing to lead the charge to destroy this evil curse on all of the civilized world. Bill O’Reilly’s said it and I will say it al Qaeda and the Taliban’s understanding of Islam isn’t religion its terrorism and those who lend their support are no less terrorists. It’s time for Muslims to stand up and denounce terrorists and terrorism if they want to be considered partners in a modern world. Maybe it’s time to rewrite the Qur’an or at the very least reinterpret it and make it more compatible with the 21st century.

The thoughts in this article are in no way meant to be taken to show any disrespect for our troops deployed in Afghanistan. They’re there doing the job they were sent to do because as honorable men and women they go where they’re sent with no questions ask and no opinions offered. They’re the best military in the world and deserve nothing less than our unquestioned praise and support.



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