Is America To Proud To Prosper

By: Ken Hughes

Congress and the administration sit with their heads in the sand refusing to look around the world to see what’s going on. Media pundits for the sake of punditry fuel the fires of distrust of other nations formerly considered advisories and even some we call friend. There was a time when Americans worked and thought hard to be the world’s leader in technologies and production. America is living on its past laurels. I just read a story suggesting China is willing to finance and build a high speed rail system in California using stimulus dollars. Today China is a capitalist market oriented country, if the Chinese are willing to invest in California what do they know our own investment brokers and government officials don’t know?

The Chinese are students of history they are more aware of Americas past prosperity than the so called thinkers in this country are. After World War Two Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Hon Kong sold America enough junk to pay their war debts then some. As the junk piled up in Americas landfills these nations slowly converted from junk to replacing Americas manufacturing base producing better goods at lower prices and now America is beholding to them. In the Pacific Rim countries business is their religion, political correctness and the rest of the isims are not.

After World War Two Europe and Asia were devastated, America stood alone as the world’s only major economic survivor. Prior to World War Two America was in a decade old depression, the war gave America a new lease on life. Everyone rolled up their sleeves downed hard hats and went to work. After the war ended Americans were told they were due entitlements for saving the world from those evil scourges. Now the question was the world was broke so who would pay for the entitlements? It’s been 65 years and now the American people know who paid, who is paying and who will pay in the future.

“We the People” are partly to blame for the demise of Americas manufacturing base and its moving to the Pacific Rim countries. We over priced our own labor and refused to buy what we produced at those higher prices. Our own products with the exception of High Tech products and agriculture were too expensive for the Asian Markets. Americas became consumers and debtors where once they were financers and producers. Americas former advocacies the Germans, Japanese and Chinese are about to teach those greedy overbearing Americans how the real world works. At the end of the 1930s America lifted its self up out of despair and depression and once more became the world’s most productive nation. America is in that same position of the 30’s now except with a lot more toys that haven’t been paid for and a lot deeper in debt. In the 1930s life was not good, today life is to good somewhere in the middle are the times we can live with but it’s going to take more than political rhetoric to make it happen it’s going to take the public demanding change in the way the country does business.

Americans are not a lazy lot however they are a brainwashed lot. For the past 70 years Americans have been feed a diet of superiority and now the truth is coming out, their political leaders and the media’s been snookering them. Americans are the same as the rest of the world regardless of color and creed, we just don’t know it yet. A great deal of the worlds progress has been because of American predigests forcing other nations to prove they’re someone and something and that’s a great incentive to dig in and prosper.

Is Congress To Proud To Reform……?

The year 2011 congress started in the same manor previous new congresses have started. Republicans trying to explain our constitutional form of government and Democrats saying the constitution is irrelevant in modern times. Democrats want an autocratic government where they determine the good of the people. Republicans read the entire constitution on the floor of the house, the same constitution every congress person swears to defend but few have ever bothered to read, only a few Democrats attended the reading, others made derogatory comments about the constitution and its framers. Their comments were stupid and misrepresentative but that’s never keep ignorant people from voicing ignorant opinions.

Some of the rhetoric coming form house Democrats belongs on Saturday Night Live. Harry Reid says once the economy recovers the Tea Party will go away, da! Nancy Pelosi blames George Bush for the Democrats loss of the house, how can that be possible? Steny Hoyer recently said in essences the Tea Party movement was an accumulation of losers. Those are just a few of the comment made by Democrats concerning the November elections. What these Democrats don’t seem to get is the public’s rejected their style of governing. This past November’s election was only the first layer of the reform that’s coming. By the time the restructuring of congress is complete the Botox providers and rug makers will be out of business or off to Jerry Browns California.

Barrack Obama is the most prolific liar ever elected president. The question is does he realize he’s lying or is it something that just comes natural to him. I’m a firm believer America is Gods favorite country, I think God allowed the Obama / Biden ticket to succeed to teach the voters a lesson and get them involved in the way their government is being run. I think God is the titular head of the Tea Party Movement, there to inspire not to mandate. I believe in a creator, everything man takes credit for inventing is just a bunch of unused stuff God left laying around. How many billions of years has it taken man to find way to use the stuff that’s been there in the open throughout eternity? For the Obama’s of the world who think they’re smarter than God they need to have their heads examined.

Fewer white voters are identifying themselves as Democrats in each election. White voters still outnumber minority voters by at least two to one. And that‘s what angers Democrats to a point of near hysteria, it’s driving then crazy.

There’s no quick way out of the financial mess that’s been accruing for the past 80 years. There’s a methodical way out that will take both time and patients. It’s going to take a whole new attitude in our nation’s capital from the grounds keepers to the president. Trust me when I say God is a conservative and he / she has our back, now is the time to listen.


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