Politically Incorrect, And Proud of It

By: Keith Allison

There are those among us with a predilection for misinterpreting most anything and everything they read for no better reason than to concoct some new theory on law, or other matter, that will supposedly give them some sort of public recognition. In my opinion, those who espouse the concept of automatic United States citizenship being granted to every child of every illegal alien in this country are of that ilk.

Granted, Section 1 of the 14th Amendment states, in part, that “All persons born or naturalized in the United States … are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” There are, however, six qualifying words to the above statement; those words being “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof.” Those six words directly follow the phrase “All persons born or naturalized in the United States….” In other words, for any illegal alien to become an American citizen, their parents must be subject to the jurisdiction of these United States. And like it or not, illegal aliens, whether they arrived through some illegal process of their own doing, were transported in the belly of an illegal alien, or were consummated after their “illegal parents” arrived in the United States, are here illegally! How, I must ask, can anyone with any sanity about them, claim a baby born to illegal aliens be under the jurisdiction of these United States if their parents are squatting here illegally? How, if he is here illegally, can the sire of an illegal alien possibly pass on American citizenship to his illegal offspring if he has illegally taken up residence in this country? The answer is, of course, he can’t. Therefore, one must consider an illegal alien, baby or adult, being what an illegal alien has conceived through procreation.

Nay, nay, espouse those who wish to turn American into another third world country, it was not their fault they were brought here through some sort of illegal transport, nor is it their fault that the illegal alien mother’s egg was fertilized by the sperm of their illegal alien father on American soil. I must admit to the validity of that particular portion of their argument, but since the illegal sibling’s parents are here illegally, they do not fall under, nor are they “subject to the jurisdiction” of United States authorities because at the time their parents committed their illegal acts of entering this nation, or deliberately attempted to conceive their child as aruse to illegally stay here, they knew what they were doing was, in fact, an illegal attempt to remain in this country. The fact is, each of the parental elements here are subject only to the authority of their parents homeland.

I’m certain the liberal element will profoundly disagree with what I’ve stated here, but consider the following if you will. In order for anyone to be under the jurisdiction of the United States, they must be a citizen of this country. Therefore, if the illegal alien child’s parents were in the United States legally, our government would not have the legal authority to deport them back to their country of origin. The fact is, many illegal aliens are temporarily incarcerated in American jails and/or prisons because they have brought their undesirable traits such as murdering others, stealing others property, etc. with them from their nation of origin. Then, after a temporary stay in an American prison or jail at the expense of American taxpayers, they are unceremoniously escorted back to and dumped upon the soil of their native lands.

Therefore, like it or not, those six words, “AND subject to the jurisdiction thereof,” are the true qualifying words as to any illegal aliens potential rights to call themselves “American citizens.” That’s because they do not fall under, nor are they subject to the jurisdiction of the United States government. Were they under United States jurisdiction, our government would most certainly not have the authority to summarily deport these illegal aliens and/or their spawn.

Enough said.

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