Arizona Shootings, Keith Olbermann is the Worst Person of the Day

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By: Gerard Valentino

The attack of a ruthless and mindless killer on Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords, Federal Judge John Roll and a group of innocent bystanders was a terrorist act, just as 9/11 was a terrorist attack. Every American should be outraged and saddened by the cowardly actions of the murderer. Terrorism has many faces and in this case it appears a lone, deranged individual chose to strike at the very heart of America.

Everyone at the extends our heartfelt condolences to the family and loved ones of all the victims of today’s senseless tragedy.

Sadly, the smoke had barely cleared after Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords was shot before the anti-gun world and anti-Tea Party extremists started to dance in her blood. Their willingness to prey on tragedy is a sad state of affairs, but nothing that should shock well meaning and well intentioned Americans.

Before the shooter was named, anti-Tea Party messages started appearing on political websites and leftist talking heads were attacking the far right in America. A prelude to an avalanche of anti-Tea Party crazed diatribes that were posted on the Internet.

Less than twenty minutes after news of the shooting broke, a CNN contributor implied that Arizona’s gun culture, and Arizona’s fetish for guns was to blame for the shooting. Such a comment shortly after a horrific spree killing is beneath contempt and shows how low some people will go to push their selfish agenda. CNN went even further and talked about how the shooter had a “high velocity” gun and loaded his gun with an extended magazine, which are facts that have little value so shortly after the tragedy.

In contrast, Arizona Senator John McCain, who is no friend to gun owners or the Tea Party, issued a moving and heartfelt statement that called on all Americans to pray for the victims. Whatever you might think of John McCain after his run for president, it is hard to find fault with his reaction to the tragedy. A few other politicians and political organizations can learn a thing or two from how he responded.

Even President Obama and former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, longtime stalwarts of the anti-Tea Party movement, chose to take the high road and not attack gun owners or the Tea Party movement for the actions of one crazed person.

But, not everyone in the political world chose restraint.

Just as Sarah Brady used the shooting of her husband as a springboard to make her own mark in politics as a gun control proponent, she is now using this tragedy for political gain by tainting a message of sympathy posted on her website with a call for reasonable gun control. A move that is beneath contempt, and that is driven by a compulsion that only people of Sarah Brady’s ilk can explain. Using a tragedy for personal and professional gain flies in the face of common decency and shows how far anti-gun zealots will go to push their agenda on America.

But, the Worst Person of the Day, except for the shooter, was MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann.

While scolding the right for using hateful blame based politics that led to mass murder, Olbmerann took part in hateful blame based politics. He used coverage of the tragic events in Arizona to blame Sarah Palin for preying on the mentally ill, and compelling them to shoot Democrats.

Olbermann’s idea of unbiased reporting included interviewing a trifecta of leftist guests that blamed Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, right wing talk radio and guns for the attack in Arizona. One guest, John Marshall from also said that political fundraisers involving guns are unacceptable, and that a candidate taking part in such an event is inciting violence. All this despite the fact that law enforcement hasn’t said what motivated the killer.

It also confirmed that except for the shooter, Keith Olbermann is the Worst Person of the Day.

The events that took place in front of the Safeway in Tucson, Arizona were tragic and sad. But, the actions of Keith Olbermann and others who chose to profit on senseless tragic were sadder.

(Gerard Valentino is the author of The Valentino Chronicles – Observations of a Middle Class Conservative and a co-founder of Buckeye Firearms Association,

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