The Hypocrisy of the Left

By: Craig Chamberlain

The tragedy in Tuscon is being politicized by the left. This shouldn’t be a surprise, after all, as far as the left is concerned, everything is political. These mental midgets would have the country believe that this unspeakable act was done on the orders of Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, or Rush Limbaugh. They now piously claim that we conservatives have created a toxic political culture that encourages, and celebrates, violence. The left claims, with a straight face, that it is conservatives who are the most prone to commit, and celebrate, acts of political violence.

This is utter nonsense. First lets examine their claim that the assassin, one Jared Loughner, was a right wing extremist inspired by the Tea Party movement. For the self proclaimed reality based community their accusations have no basis in the real world. They are very light on empirical evidence and are only motivated by political hostility, not facts. The left hates the Tea party for daring to speak up. They’re not used to facing criticism, and since they can’t answer the criticisms they must resort to demonetization. So now they try to pin this murderous lunatic on the Tea party. Let’s take a look at the beliefs of Jared Loughner. First of all, and it can’t be emphasized enough, he’s insane. Madness is his prime motivation. He was driven by mental illness, not political rhetoric. He is a registered independent, and didn’t vote in 2010, he is violently Anti Semitic, (in these days, almost a monopoly of the left) a fanatical atheist(why not blame Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens? At least they actually had something in common with Loughner) his favorite books were Mein Kampf, and the Communist Manifesto. Hardly books on the Tea party reading list. It’s not as if he was reading Road to Serfdom. His favorite books advocate totalitarianism. It sounds like he wanted more government, not less.

The so called “proof” that he was a conservative was that he hated the government and wanted the gold standard back. Hatred of the government is far more common on the left. The 60′s radicals cut their teeth on hatred of the government, which they saw as a brutal imperialistic power. The violent, paranoid, right wing exists more in the imagination of the left than in the real world. The left, all of a sudden, is doing its best choir boy act. It is giving the pretense of innocence, all the while hoping that no one bothers to remind the American people of their past. The entire history of the left has been predicated on violence, class struggle, and revolution. Not only has the left been all too willing to use violence to achieve their aims, it openly celebrates it. During the 1960′s the left burned, looted, murdered, rioted, tried to bring down the American republic, and did not show one ounce of remorse for their actions. The Black Panthers, a Marxist group, proudly had as its motto “kill whitey.” Bernadine Dohr, leader of the weathermen, said, in response to the murder of Sharon Tate by the Manson Family “Dig it! First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, then they even shoved a fork in [Sharon Tate's] stomach. Wild!” Peace loving bunch aren’t they?

Lee Harvey Oswald, despite the lefts attempts to make him out to be a right winger, was a communist, a citizen of the USSR, a supporter of Castro, spent time in Cuba, and hated America. Yeah, that sounds like a conservative. But there are a lot of times when the left is not so fast to assign blame. In the Fort Hood massacre when Major Nidal Hasan shot 45 soldiers, all the while yelling “Allah Akbar” the left insisted that it had nothing to do with Islam. When one of their pets goes on the rampage we are scolded and told not to jump to conclusions, when it’s not one of their camp ever maniac suddenly turns into a zombie assassin killing on the orders of talk radio hosts. Where was the lefts condemnation of violence, their sense of peace, during the sixties, or when Nixon, Ford, Reagan, G.H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush were president? During the presidency of George W. Bush they openly called for his assassination, compared him to Hitler, called him a war criminal, while ignoring the crimes of the tyrannies he overthrew. If the American political culture is toxic who made it that way?

The American political climate has always been combative. Federalists and Democrats wouldn’t walk down the same side of the street. Charles Sumner, a Republican Senator from Massachusetts, was nearly beaten to death on the Senate floor by Congressman Preston Brooks, a Democrat from South Carolina. As the parties have realigned along ideological lines, they have become more competitive with each other, but American politics has always had a combative edge. We talk of campaigns, war rooms, we put bulls eye’s on competitive districts(both parties do it) Senator Joe Manchin(D-WV)) shot through a bill with a rifle during a campaign ad. Oddly, I didn’t hear the Democrats complain about that display of martial talents. Yet somehow we are to believe that political vitriol did not exist before talk radio , or the Tea Party, or that conservatives advocate violence. Yeah, the “restore honor” rally really made a point about killing congressmen.

The left is soaked in blood, it believes violence is the proper tactic to achieve their strategic goals, and violence is a good thing. In the world of the left hating the government and being a violent sociopath are ok, unless there is a Democrat in the White House. The left should remember the old saying. Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house. What happened in Tuscon was not the result of politics, but the result of a diseased mind acting on a world he created, not what was going on in the real world, and to make a political case out of this is reprehensible, but reprehensible is what the left does.

The left ignores its own violent history, refuses to denounce violence(remember when Tea party members were attacked by union thugs during a rally) but wants America to belive Jared Loughner is the face of conservatism? If you’re willing to believe that, then maybe you’re interested in buying a bridge in Brooklyn.

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