Guilt And Denial Follow Tragedies

By: Ken Hughes

Every time there’s a national tragedy Congress comes out of the woodwork with legislation meant to prevent another such tragedy. Knee-jerk reactions for political advantage seldom do much in the way of preventing anything in the future they’re more inclined to incite other disturbed persons to action. Life has consequences and there’s no way of avoiding certain unfortunate incidents short of crawling in a hole and pulling the hole in behind us. In order to atone for what’s perceived to be a lack of diligence law makers are going ballistic with proposed legislation to prevent another tragedy from happing. There have always been those persons with mental problems who can’t keep it together no and amount of legislation will prevent the next disturbed person from committing crimes against humanity.

A number of legislators are over reacting with proposed legislation that has no constitutional basis. These are the same people who thought it amusing when a picture of Sarah Palin being hung in effigy was shown on the Drudge Report. President Obama in a recent speech suggested if the right brings a knife to the fight the left should bring a gun and in another speech said Republicans are the enemy and must be destroyed. Would the left also restrict the vile comments coming out of MSNBC. The founders knew to silence public comment was to silence liberty. For as tragic as the assignations that have occurred in this country are congress over reacting is even a greater tragedy.

The damage caused by this disturbed young man are devastating, the deaths are appalling. What is equally appalling are those who would use this incident to vilify conservatives in this country. The radical right is having a field day pointing fingers at prominent conservatives accusing them of being conspirators in the Arizona shooting. The accusers are ignoring the fact the man was a non-voting registered independent with liberal socialist leanings. These shootings had less to do with politics than the man’s desire to get his fifteen minutes of fame. No one known’s what effect media punditry has on these mentally unbalanced people. We do know what effect media punditry has on politicians seeking publicity. A number of left wing spokes persons are going after prominent conservatives with a vengeance, the networks they’re performing on do nothing to edit their comments, some call it free speech others call it ratings.

Roger Ailes Fox News President, the Godfather of all cable news programming is the first media executive to warn his people to think before speaking. That leaves MSNBC who’s ratings depend on vitriolic punditry to survive out their all alone. If Fox News is expected to tone down the rhetoric then it must apply equally across the media spectrum from MSNBC to the New York Times. What government official is going to have the courage to tell Al Sharpton to lighten up? When President Obama makes another one of his off the cuff shady remarks will he be held liable? Is it possible for a liberal bureaucracy to administer equal justice pertaining to hate speech? Civility comes from leadership gradually not from laws. It only took Ronald Reagan two years to pull America up from the depths of moral depression and make it proud once more. It’s time for those who call themselves leaders to act like leaders.

Bill Clinton took a beating for the Oklahoma City bombing, but he was able to work his way out using logic and his personality. Obama is not a Bill Clinton but neither is Obama taking any heat for the Tucson tragedy. The liberal left has gotten out front even before the facts are known and are unjustly attacking those who are prominent in the conservative right. As it turns out the Tucson shooter was an independent right wing leaning whacko. He was the furthest thing from a conservative and it isn’t likely he listened to anyone but Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews and Joy Behar. The hosts of Talk Radio and Fox News had nothing to offer this young man. Conservatives are about the individual’s right to free expression. This young man was about control and restricting free expression that comes straight from the DNC hand book.

Advocates of a strong government never seem to know where to draw the line that line should never be where it restricts the constitutional rights of the American people. There’s no way of drafting laws that will prevent deranged people from doing horrendous things. All laws do are restrict normal people from doing normal things. Normal people don’t indiscriminately kill people.

When Abraham Lincoln was assassinated congress went ballistic in seeking revenge. Dr. Samuel Mudd unknowingly treated John Wilkes Booth Lincoln’s assassin for a gunshot wound. For his kindness he was imprisoned as accomplices. In World War Two thousands of loyal Japanese Americas were sent to internment camps. I say loyal because while the parents were in American prison camps their sons were in the US Army fighting Germans in Europe. There’re thousands of examples where knee jerk reactions by presidents and congress have done the wrong things for what they perceived the right reasons. John Boehner the new Speaker of the house has proposed a new policy of not allowing any proposals come to the floor of the house for a vote that doesn’t contain a caveat directly linking it to the constitution, this should eliminate a lot of frivolous buffoonery that goes on in congress.

America’s in the best shape it’s ever been in, I can say this because the American people are informed about every aspect of what their government does. If not by the internet, talk radio and cable news then by Wikileaks and Whistleblowers. Top Secret has become an invitation to inform the media of the government’s secrets. Informants seem to rise up the government ladder of success like cream on milk. In order to become a reliable informant one must have stature and in order to gin stature one must be a reliable informant, that’s not contradictory it government math 101. It’s up to the American voters to decide what to do with all of this newly acquired information, they can put it to good use or they can continue to waste it as they have in the past.

The United States of America is one of the few nations on earth where the people own their government. It’s time to start acting like owners, we’re owners not share croppers!


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