Hate means what it means

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By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Hate means what it means

For the killings in Arizona, we should be focused on the shock and awe of such an event. Imagine someone holding a gun up and shooting someone in the head, point blank. And then this murderer firing bullet after bullet until finally someone had the courage and the opportunity to knock this lunatic to the ground.

First off it should be a time of mourning and consoling. Imagine what these families are going through at this time. And we can only hope they find the courage to survive and carry on.

I was going to write about the murderer but I think we all have figured out he was one of those loons who make up less than 10% of the population. And unfortunately he was armed and no one else was. So he had his way that day at the market. And in a few years most of us will forget the incident and maybe remember his name, maybe not. But the media will remind us from time to time his name and what happened for the sake of gun control.

But fortunately Leno decided to have Bill Maher on his show on the 11th. And being a complete jerk, he gave me all that I needed to write about. I like to write about Maher; he made it to several pages of my book. But he always tries to push the envelope. And on his semi-private show he must get the audience that he wants and he gets the applause that he compulsively seeks. But on the Leno show, there was no applause and he was too stupid to realize he needed to get off the subject.

But Leno gave him the soap box and Bill Maher couldn’t wait to spew his garbage for which the liberals call it vitriol.

There are 2 issues here. For starters: What is hate and really what is hate? And this is followed by the issue of gun control.

I listen to a fair amount of Fox and I have never heard anyone claim they hated anything or anyone. But Maher had no problem stating on the Leno show that he hated Newt Gingrich the “mostest”. He called the NRA the assassins’ lobby. He claimed armed people were crazy. And he claimed the rhetoric of Fox and the right wing is “Wouldn’t be FUN if we kill the people we disagree with”.

I have to tell you I have never heard a conservative including Newt use language like this. It must have been a complete embarrassment to Leno and his staff.

Maher also claimed that you would need to train for months to blow away the assassin in Arizona. If not you would probably shoot the wrong person. There is a multitude of evidence that proves Maher wrong again.

Someone better tell Maher that almost half the people who own guns are Democrats.

The liberals use the word hate or hate speech to mean just about anything a non-liberal says. So basically anything a conservative says which is not in agreement with liberal propaganda is hate speech to a liberal.

I have written on this subject previously, but hate speech is required to reach some level of intended physical harm to a person to become criminal. So in real simple terms all this garbage blaming conservatives for the murders in Arizona is actually insane. To see a Kennedy jump up and make claims is pretty sad. These are the same folks a few weeks from now will claim the conservatives, tea party folks will need to work with the abusive liberals. They have to find common ground.

Let me ask you would you work with someone that just called you all these names? Would you even walk on the same side of the street with these fools? Probably not! And that’s where the problem lies. You can’t work with someone who hates you. And I would hope that most of the country is embarrassed by these heartless creatures. And I think that was the message from the election a few months ago. They have already forgotten why they were slaughtered at the polls.

Gun control becomes an interesting issue. What if half of the adults at the market had a gun? Would this jerk have taken the chance to try to assassinate an elected official? If only one of those folks had a gun, I can’t believe they could not have brought him down pretty quickly. Maher sounds like one of those folks that does not carry a gun, but you can bet his paid security is always packing. Why doesn’t he want you to carry?

But don’t you think that Americans who take guns seriously are feeling a bit more secure after what they saw the liberals accomplish legislatively in the last 2 years? I must admit 20 years ago it never entered my mind. But in today’s climate, I am beginning to wonder what lies ahead for America if the country is run by folks that don’t represent the majority but only represent their own selfish political gains!

Maher also imagined the Liberal Democrats as patriots if they would:
Pay more taxes, fight for free healthcare for everyone, support troops and get them home and stop fighting in stalemates, and stopping people from carrying assault rifles in public. Maher is such a jerk but does he realize that none of these features of Maher’s patriotism will create one job. And it’s about the jobs stupid. It is always amazing when you see someone who makes a great deal of money and creates all this anger in his listeners, but he creates no jobs… maybe a security guard or 2.

This country and its politicians should be focused on only one thing. Jobs American is what this country needs right now!

If Maher read my book, maybe he should begin to think about finding a part of the country that he can live in and separate himself from our country and live the way he wants to. There are many liberals who would love to live in Maher’s world. Let’s give them a slice of the pie and they can wallow in their own liberalism.

Leno uses Maher as one of those guys to fill vacant spots in a similar fashion that Carson used Jimmy Stewart. But hopefully, Bill Maher will never appear on the Leno show again. If he does, it will surely help to boost Conan’s ratings.


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