When In Doubt Blame Sarah Palin

By: Ken Hughes

When the facts are too difficult and too complex to understand the liberal left blames Sarah Palin. To suggest before anything was known about this young disoriented individual the liberal left had it all figured out, Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin had him brainwashed and memorized to meet their ideologies. And that was long before anyone knew of Jared Lougher’s distorted history. When in fact the Sheriff’s Department in Pima County probably knew more about his mental condition than his own parents. If there is a culprit in this unfortunate incident its political correctness run amuck first and the liberal left trying to make political points second. One would think the liberal left would have learned by now their vitriolic hostility may play well inside the Washington Beltway but out across America they can’t lay a hand on Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin. Both Limbaugh and Palin are American Icons revered by millions, Washington liberals hardly register on the Richer Scale.

If I were a Washington liberal the last people in the world I would want to challenge would be Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin. First they’ve proven they can take the heat of battle and second they are both trusted by their audiences. When either speaks it’s of specifics and not innuendo, both make points and not allegations. Sarah Palin worked her way up from a city council person of a small Alaskan town to a Vice Presidential candidate without once sacrificing family and friends. Sarah Palin has more true American spirit in her than all those Washington elitists have in their entire ancestral canal.

All of the hyperbole some congress person are putting out about restricting political speech and limiting personal gun ownership is a lot of political hog wash meant to attract attention for some otherwise political losers who don‘t have anything else going for them. It’s obvious those people who are trashing Sarah Palin have never heard her speak or read any of her writings; they’re going only by the old adage “They Say” I have yet to meet them. To many so called reporters are getting their information from the internet and not the old fashion way of going out and digging it up then verifying the story before it goes to publication. The media is more or no less responsible for the garbage they call news, it’s been the Medias practice of putting ratings / profits before facts for as long as there’s been a media. No less than Benjamin Franklyn took poetic license with the facts as a young teenage editor of Poor Richards Almanac and look where it got him.

It’s a tragedy so many on the left have chosen to play politics with this unfortunate incident. This should have been a week to reflect on what we can do to restrain the mentally unbalanced and not infringe on their civil rights. The Tucson shooter infringed on the civil rights of a number of people, yet he was allowed to wonder around his community when it was known he was an imitate danger to the people of Tucson. This is political correctness run amuck. For the sake of votes congress has allowed the ACLU and the Environmentalists take hold of the national physic and run with it. Preemptive actions are not acceptable no matter the risk to others. First a person must commit murder then it must be determined why and only after a satisfactory conclusion is arrived at can he / she be judged. Then the years of deliberation, can they be reprogrammed not to commit murder again are they punished. I prefer those states that have reasonable threat of harm laws when it’s OK to shoot those who would harm us.

Pardon my French but American Politicians have become a group of [whining candy asses] who would rather bow down to excessive authority than fight. For the past 10 years the liberal left has done everything they could to denigrate America in the eyes of the world, they’ve succeeded. Now they’re working on the domestic conservative politicians who just happen not to agree with their liberal agendas.

ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and the New York Times have all posted editorials suggesting Sarah Palin made herself part of the Tucson shooting story. The fact is others made her a part of the story she responded. It wasn’t only Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Fox News just to name a few where all targets of the liberal lefts rant of who it was that inspired the young man to commit murder. If the finger pointers had waited a few days they would have learned he was insane, he had no mentors for his deeds. Someone else isn’t always to blame, sometimes some people must be held accountable for the things they do and this is one of those times.

The knee jerk reactions calling for laws that have no hope of curtailing the next attack on a congress person are being suggested. Laws that violate our constitution and deprive us of some of our liberties to protect a few are over reacting. Being a member of congress is probably safer than ridding in an elevator. A congress person’s life isn’t worth any more than a Cattle Rancher on the Mexican Border or a Border Patrol agent. The Tucson killers
rant was never politics it was more likely drugs something this government fails to control. If the killer had to have a coconspirator it has to be the Obama Administrations boarder enforcement authority headed by Janet Napolitano.

Why must someone other than Jared Lougher is held accountable, why not concentrate all efforts on what not who made this young man so violent? Assassination attempts have been a part of politics since the beginning of time. In most cases it’s some poor delusional person willing to sacrifice everything including their lives for their fifteen minutes of fame. As usual those people who wish to use tragedy for their fifteen minutes of fame fan the flames of speculation and create an atmosphere of doubt rather than remorse.

When Obama spoke at the Tucson memorial for the first time in his presidency Barrack Obama left the [ I ] out of one of his speeches and addressed the issues without politicizing it. It remains to be seen if his liberal base will follow suit and refrain from their finger pointing. A word to Fox News pundits, [enough already] stop milking the Tucson tragedy for your own benefit. Let the victims and their loved ones take a breath, let America take a breath. And let the left spew their venomous allegations even as Obama calls for clam and restraint.

Liberalism is closer to a FOUR LETTER WORD than Conservatism by two letters. Sometimes two little letters can make a world of difference where public opinion is concerned.


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