Is The Presidency Worth A Billion Dollars

By: Ken Hughes

There’s a story on the Internet that Obama plans on spending a billion dollars on his 2012 presidential campaign. Is the presidency really worth a billion dollars when all four more years is going to be are four years of fighting and name calling? Spending the billion isn’t the problem; that money goes back into the communities to hotels, restaurants, taxies, printers, advertising agencies etc. The massive amounts of money spent may be the best thing that comes from a political campaign. There’s still a disconnect between the Washingtonians and the American people. The Washingtonians still don’t understand what the country outside of the beltway is going through there’re no hard times inside of government circles. When they read / hear the news they consider it political ranker between one side and the other, they can’t connect real physical responsibility to any of it. The question is are political campaigns run for the Washingtonians or for the American people?

What will a billion dollars get President Obama, his success or failure in a second term will depend on the makeup of congress. Presidents have a very strong voice and very little actual power. Everything presidents do is subject to the will of congress. It’s called the power of the purse and what the money is allocated to. There’s some talk of the far left challenging president Obama if he continues to move toward the center in order to deal with the Republican lead house. It’s doubtful a challenge to Obama would do anything more than cost him votes and prestige. This past week Obama brought in the big gun Bill Daley to captain the ship for him. Bill Daley is the son of one of the Democratic Parties strongest persons ever. John Daley was Mayor of Chicago for more than 20 years and he ran the strongest Democratic Party in the country, when Daley was in charge Chicago was the city dead people could vote twice if they liked. Bill Daley knows where the votes are and how to get them as well as the money necessary to reelect Obama. Bill Daley is one of those evil Wall Street people only a few months ago Obama was blaming for the rescission. Hopefully Obama is learning it’s much easier to campaign for president than to be president, being president means discussion making, campaigning means decision challenging.

Obama is at another disadvantage and that’s Sarah Palin as a challenge from the conservative Tea Party. Sarah Palin is one of the few potential Republicans candidates who could go one on one with Obama and win. Her down home demeanor would trump Obama’s eastern elitist arrogance to the point even his most ardent supporters would be embarrassed. This time around Obama is going to have to win over the voters something he didn’t have to do in 2008. In 20008 the Republican challenger John McCain was a light weight with a history of deception. This time around the Tea Party will be the Alpha Dog in the Republicans campaign and the old establishment Republicans will be standing on the sidelines watching the parade from the curb.

Establishment politicians don’t seem to understand just how pissed off the public is with the spending and the taxing. The time’s come for less talk and more action. It’s time to put the American people first and the rest of the world at the bottom of the list. If Iraq and Afghanistan want democracy let them either earn it of pay for it. If those other countries around the world want our troops protecting them let them pay for it. I think we should charge Mexico and the other Latin countries 100 thousand dollars a year for every one of their nationals who comes to the United States illegally. If they don’t pay drop their people off in Cuba or Venezuela and let their homeboys worry about them. The first amendment guarantees the people the right to address their grievances with their government, which right is being infringed on, on a regular basis.

Those politicians and pundit who denigrate the Tea Party movement and those who don’t question their government’s actions have no idea what the constitution means and probably never read it. The first seven articles of the constitution doesn’t guarantee the people any rights, they expressly limit the powers of government over the people.

In 1776 the Colonials stood up to the British King for excessive taxation and for lack of participation in the government both of which pale by comparison in today’s political atmosphere. Those who neither know nor understand history are destined to repeat it. There’s a political revolution coming, our ballot boxes replace guns others use when addressing grievances. The Tea Party name is a metaphor for honest government of, by and for the people something that’s been slipping away in recent years. Periodically when the peoples disgust for how their government is being managed reaches a breaking point the people get involved and replace those who’re failing them, it’s the natural order of things. This government has reached a of point distrust and so the people are speaking out as voters not as radicals, they leave radicalism to the politicians the people speak with their votes.

One thing is certain no one can predict how the voters will act when it comes to casting their ballots. There have been several elections when the winner has been a dumbfounded as the loser at the end results. Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush just to name a few in recent years. The end results are always in question and have sometimes been challenged however in the end the people choice has always been honored. In 2012 the people’s choice will again be honored and most likely challenged, not by the voters but by losers who can’t fathom rejection by the people of this great country. We the unwashed, uneducated, unsophisticated millions who pay the bills should be excluded from the process of governing that we don’t understand. That isn’t what the founders thought and said, in fact they warned we the people about politicians who would exclude the public from the process of governing. Many former presidents from George Washington to Ronald Reagan on leaving office have warned the public of the excesses of future elected officials who would deprive people of their God given right to the free exorcize of their rights as citizens of this great country.

All of the allegations and hostility directed against conservatives is nothing more than those with no ideas or programs worth presenting having their 15 minutes in the sun before they get shot down in flames, [Yes I do mean metaphorically SHOT down] it’s a phrase that’s part of the American lexicon, I have a right to use it as I please.

I’ll put my faith in God to direct the voters to do the right thing, to straighten this mess out and hopefully never to let it happen again. God Bless and direct we poor mortals for we know not what mistakes we make……[sometimes].


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