Obama’s America: Slowly Going to Hell

By: Michael John McCrae

I was just reading a few headlines today. Who needs the stories?

A few days ago there was a report that 41% of all New York City pregnancies are ending in abortion and that 50% of this 41 % were black babies. I could not help thinking this was just one city in America. There’s Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta and even Washington, D.C.

That report was brought back to mind as I read the Drudge headline: “SHOCK: 90 Pregnancies At One Memphis High School”: which naturally led to the thought that this was just one high school out of all the public high schools in the United States.

At least the Memphis public school system is doing what it can to keep America’s population growing. Of course these are 90 girls who are giving birth out of wedlock; adding to the numbers of welfare mothers and single parent households that will fall below the poverty line.

Another interesting Drudge headline told me: “MD County’s 13 killings exceed Military deaths in Afghanistan this year…” and again it could not help bring on the thought that this was simply one county in all of the counties nationwide. We know murders happen every day in America so as one county manages to pile up more deaths than a war in Afghanistan; we have to wonder about the rest of the country.

Then I saw this headline: “BIG SIS CHOP: $1B Bush-Era “Virtual Fence” Axed” while also seeing the headline: “Mexican gunman fires across border toward U.S. highway workers…” and I wondered about the border in general. Will we ever decide to secure America or will we continue that open border policy that permits illegal aliens from all over the world to just walk into the United States, drop anchor babies, register as Democrats, attend flight schools, protest for Mexican annexation of Southern border States, collect welfare, Social security and even get elected President of the country as did one Kenyan Native but Indonesian Citizen type who can neither prove his citizenship by passport, school records, birth records or college records?

And what about this Mexican gunman? I’m sure we did not shoot back. That would have been uncivil I suppose. I suppose too that President Obama, Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano won’t be saying much about the incident during the upcoming State of the Union Address.

So as Napolitano decides we do not need $1B for the “Bush” fence project to secure the Southern Border, I see this headline: “OBAMA PLANS BILLION-DOLLAR REELECTION CAMPAIGN…” which tells me that Obama must be able to afford his campaign plans because Janet (BIG SIS) just gave him the dollars!

In the meantime Obama is cutting Defense Spending by 25% while North Korea, Iran and China are all adding big bucks to their military and nuclear efforts. I see Obama has eased travel restrictions to Cuba too. Now, all America’s enemies will have a safe haven in which to plot their plots without interference from the CIA or the FBI.

What is the government doing? It is debating seating arrangements for Obama’s State of the Union Address. Will he address the abortion epidemic in America? Will he talk about the immorality of sex out of wedlock and the incredible social burden being placed on government? Will he discuss the threats of North Korea, Iran, and China or will he simply commend the Democrats for their willingness to sit next to Republicans and then condemn free speech, legal gun ownership, the rich, big business and conservatism in general? I know he will suggest new ways to take money from the masses; after all he’s going to need one billion dollars in his effort to get reelected.

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