Sarah Palin Speaks Out on Hannity

By: Ken Hughes

Every generation or so someone is able to come along and articulate the positive and point out the hypocrisy of the negative to a point it makes no sense to the average citizen. The liberal left beginning only hours after the Tucson shooting rather than going to Tucson for their facts began calling Sarah Palin for her opinion on what had just happened that’s not journalism its sensationalism. To quote Sarah Palin “The double standard only works when they have no standards!” If all the liberal left has to offer is a continual berating of Sarah Palin and other conservative spokes persons then how are they going to convince the American people they have any plans of reducing the deficit and creating jobs aside from just talk. The American people have had two years of talk without results, how is that going to change?

Sarah Palin and her conservative associates have plans. Open up drilling in areas that won’t harm the environment, they will create jobs and make America more energy efficient. Put an end to legislating by bureaucratic edict, make congress do their jobs and take the heat for their decision. Stop worrying about who’s going to be offended by eliminating some of the frivolous programs that benefit a few and financially pray on the masses. Sarah Palin has something going for her the eastern elitists don’t have going for themselves and that’s good old everyday common sense. Common sense is something Ivey League Universities totally dismiss as somehow being draconian. Sarah Palin and her conservative associates know common sense is very much mainstream America.

Since the Liberal left lost the midterm elections in the house and were badly damaged in the senate they’ve been hopping around like frog legs in a hot frying pan. Conservative Tea Party candidates proved to the American people they have a plan and the voters bought it. What the new Republicans in the house have to do concentrate on communicating with the American people and let the liberal left fend for themselves. The more hostile the left becomes the more the public becomes turned off. The public doesn’t want John Boehner to show his compassionate side by crying at the drop of a metaphor, they want him to stand up and act like a leader. There will be plenty of time for crying if he blows his new assignment as Speaker of the House. The new Republicans in congress must bypass the demands for cooperation with the left and deal directly with the public as though the left weren’t there. If this new generation of Republicans take nothing else form the Reagan presidency they should learn his accomplishments came from the people not from the other side.

We learned something about Sarah Palin this week, she rates among some of the great women of the 20th century, Eleanor Roosevelt, Golda Meir, Margret Thatcher and Condoleezza Rice. Sarah Palin is articulate in a common language way, she’s intelligent far beyond any of those liberal mental midgets who’re grading her performances. I doubt Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann work for MSNBC I would assume they’re buying their air time, no one pays for that kind of garbage. How can these two be so arrogant they feel they are qualified to challenge three of the most popular people in America today, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin? These three can attract a larger audience in one sitting than those two liberals can probably count on having had in their entire broadcast career.

The pundits both right and left spend all their time speculating if Sarah Palin will or won’t run for president. They keep looking at the presidency and indeed politics in terms of the past, this is not their grandfather politics, it’s a new day and a new way. Rather than play footsie with the pundits Sarah Palin says when she ready she’ll let them know. I believe her when she says she isn’t ready to make that call just yet. I’m convinced we can believe everything Sarah Palin says. If there’s one person out their with what it takes to stand their ground and not waver its Sarah Palin. All of the Palins have to be made of some pretty strong stuff to let what’s thrown at them and still face the world with pride and strength every day. What this country needs is more hunters and gatherers and fewer thinkers.

“I’d much rather have a president who’s better at shooting bulls than shooting the bull as is Palin vs. Obama.”

More than liberal pundits dogging Sarah Palin her friends the conservative spokes persons are constantly trying to get her to commit if she is going to run for president. Sarah Palin may be the only contender who’s actually looking ahead at the probabilities of success for a challenge to Obama. First she has to know if she does run there’s a Republican Party out there backing her up, and before that the new Republicans in congress have to prove they mean what they say about bringing change to the government. Sarah Palin has a decade and a half to decide when and if she wants to run for president, America will still be here in three more presidential cycles Sarah Plain has plenty of time to make her decision.

The new House Republicans don’t have a walk in the park changing what the Obamanistas have done to the country. Even when they pass new resolutions and submit bills to the senate under Harry Reid there’s no guarantee they will ever come to a vote on the floor. The next two years can be better spent by the Republicans in congress doing their communicating with voters and not with democrats in congress. Something else Republicans need is an exceptional propagandist who can flood the media with tidbits of information showing how Democrats are blocking progress on jobs and deficit reduction. The time’s come to take a page from the Liberal handbook on spreading disinformation and deception. It should be the demeanor of the Republicans to allow the public to decide what’s nice and what’s nasty. The publics had enough preaching now they need honest and respectful communication with their elected officials.

There are enough Conservative Internet Bloggers and Conservative Radio hosts along with Fox Cable News to get the message out to the public “We Conservatives are your partners not your masters.” The Liberal attack on Palin, Limbaugh, Beck and Fox did Liberals more harm than they can recover from soon especially if the right respectfully doesn’t let the people forget what they did.

2011 and 2012 will be a Republican moment in the sun if they don’t screw up with old school politics. It’s time to lock those old congressional Mustache Pete’s in the men’s room and bring congress into the 21st century.


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