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January 23, 2011

Al-Qaeda in Yemen urges to supporters to kill Americans throughout the world

Filed under: War On Terror - 23 Jan 2011

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has urged its members, associates and supporters to attack the American government and its citizens whether in the United States or in other parts of the world.

The Final Word on Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, the 1st Amendment, and Journalism

Filed under: In The News - 23 Jan 2011

Ever since Julian Assange consummated his pathological compulsion for recognition and notoriety by releasing stolen classified documents via WikiLeaks, and his subsequent arrest, journalists have mobilized en masse to defend Assange and his conduit to pandemonium and criminality, WikiLeaks. Statistically …

The Unthinkable is Never a Solution

African Americans the Target of Planned Parenthood

January is National Sanctity of Human Life Month and that means a dedicated focus on life ethics, facts and laws, such as Roe v. Wade.