A little Iffy

By: Patti Bankson

People sitting in chairs staring blankly ahead, sleeping on the floor, or standing in a never-ending line… all waiting for the same thing: news that a flight, cancelled due to bad weather, meant to take them somewhere other than the inside of an airport, would actually do just that. As uncomfortable and unhappy as those people may be, they’re more comfortable and happy than Greg Revell, of Utah, was when he got stranded in New Jersey and spent 10-days in jail. Be-cause… he had an unloaded firearm (legally licensed in Utah) that had been legally checked with his luggage in Salt Lake City. Port Authority of New York and New Jersey police arrested him for “illegal possession of a firearm”, and his gun and ammunition weren’t returned to him for more than 3 years. If he had landed where he was supposed to, in Allentown, PA., instead of New Jersey, he would have been fine. Just think about the hazard for someone driving across country who wants to feel they can protect themselves and their property by carrying a firearm. Their gun, though legal in their state of residence, becomes illegal when they cross certain state lines. They don’t have to touch the weapon, or even have it in sight. All they have to do is have it with them. Ridiculous!

Yes, I know there are people like the Arizona mental case out there, but honestly… does anyone really believe that the mentally ill and criminals care whether the law allows them to own a weapon, or not? And does anyone really believe that getting rid of guns equals getting rid of murder and mayhem? I don’t think so. Like I said last week, there’s just something in us that not only wishes bad things wouldn’t happen, but we want to see them fixed. That’s why every time something bad happens, people talk about somebody doing something to prevent that particular thing from happening again… “We just don’t want this to happen to anyone else”, they say. Well, of course not. No one does… at least, not those who are sane and rational, and that describes the majority of people, including legal gun owners. They’re sane and rational and are not holed up in a room somewhere planning to go to the nearest store, or public gathering, intending to hurt or kill anyone. That’s what crazy people do. Sane, rational people aren’t wandering the streets looking for an opportunity to take away someone’s possessions, freedom or life. That’s what criminals do.

Unfortunately, when one lives in a free society such as ours, with God-given rights such as we’re afforded by our one-of-a-kind Constitution, that’s the chance we take. The chance that some mentally deranged person, or sociopath, will go over the edge, and innocents may get caught in the cross-fire. Oops… am I still allowed to say “cross-fire”? Yes, yes, I am. For now, anyway. But with so many willing to ignore our Constitution and steal away our rights; not to mention citizens willing to give up their rights, whether its gun ownership, or Free Speech, well… it sometimes looks a little iffy.

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