Myths for 2011

By: Guest Authors

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

I can’t believe all these lies that are coming out since the massacre in Tucson.

All of a sudden we are going to have civility. By removing the word “killing” and changing it instead to “job destroying”, we will solve all the national problems. Do these guys and gals really believe this garbage?

Chuck the Schumer wants to sit next to a senate Republican and that’s all we need to do. We finally will have civility, something we haven’t had for decades.

What Schumer, Weiner (and the list is infinite) must understand is that the hate is produced from the lies that the pundits throw out there every day. And in the old days these folks could lie all day long and get away with it. And their followers would believe them and repeat the discourse like it was the gospel truth. This alone is the most incendiary problem producing the hate in this country. But with the internet and 24 hour radio and TV “news” coverage more and more people are informed about the lies and they get angry. And they will become angrier!

Myth number 1 is this congressional shift to civility is a joke. Until congress becomes more transparent and open about the truth and the underhanded deals, and the political propaganda, there will be less civility. The people want openness and the truth. Obama promised that and he failed to deliver.

Myth number 2: Obamacare if repealed will increase the deficit. Princess Pelosi must be kidding. Her Botox must be seeping into her sinuses and has started to be absorbed by her “brain”. We were told that Obamacare was going to reduce the deficit. Then when the CBO was allowed to assimilate more of the facts, Obamacare was going to increase the national deficit. And what was not transparent to the public was that the passing of this albatross was going to place an overbearing burden on each and every state’s budget as well. And for what purpose? So Obama could get his name on a major piece of legislature! So if the Albatross is removed, then how is this going to increase the deficit? Wouldn’t it be great if all the liberal pundits had Pelosi and a bunch of governors on their shows on a Sunday morning and they told the truth about Obamacare.

Before we go any further, someone must explain what Obamacare will cost. We get it, the liberals wanted to provide FREE healthcare for 30 to 50 million folks for political gain. But Mr. Schumer, America wants to know what is it going to cost? What is the bottom line? Will our premiums go up $4,000 for the FREE healthcare? If Schumer voted for it he must have these answers!

Until the American people assimilate these answers and agree, there will be no civility. Sit down Chuck and tell the American people the truth. You may believe we can’t handle it, but I have a feeling we can handle the truth better than you. And good luck explaining to the folks about all the waivers promised to the unions who continually drive up the cost of healthcare for everyone else. And in return they continue to vote for liberals like you. Tell them about the lie. The one that promises the same healthcare coverage to the commoners that congress gets for FREE.

Myth number 3: The economy will improve. Or it is getting better. We have heard Biden and Obama tell us we have turned the corner. More lies. Tell the people the truth! How many people want to work but can’t find a job? How many jobs are we losing per day to foreign countries? How many people are coming of age where they should be entering the job market but they can’t? How many illegal immigrants are entering the job market? Hey Joe, we just paid millions for a census. We should have these numbers. Tell us the truth Joe. Maybe if you do I will go do a novena. Maybe we all should do a novena!

But the point Joe is that America must know what the numbers are. We can help fix the problem. You have never run a business in your entire life; we know you can’t fix the problem. All you are interested in is how many votes the Democrats can mark down and how many Democrats will run political offices in America. We don’t care about that. We only care about the jobs and American private sector jobs. Hey Joe, until Congress stops being so political at the expense of American Jobs, there will be no civility!

Myth Number 4 Global warming is a problem. This is quite political. If it really was a problem there is nothing America can do about it. I was watching a documentary show yesterday and the talking box started to tell me about guys named Croll and Milankovitch. Hundreds of years ago they came up with a theory. We think of the solar system as being 2 dimensional. It’s easier to memorize the planets and their order if you do so. But the solar system is actually three dimensional. Because of that the elliptical orbits change and there are periods of cooling and warming. This change takes place over hundreds of thousands of years. So finally somebody made some sense about global warming. In plain English the earth goes through periods of warming and cooling. Big deal!

Then they bring on a climatologist to tell us that we are in a period of cooling and we are warming. And it is all due to carbon dioxide. Heck of a leap. He was probably a geologist but heck today anyone can be called a climatologist. But the bottom line is that the EPA and Obama want you to pay more for energy. You must be punished because you are prosperous Americans and we must filter this money to other countries that are not so prosperous.

If these liberals were so eager to solve the energy problems they would be building nuclear plants like they were going out of style. Then we wouldn’t really care if all our solar panels are made in China. Shovel ready is a new Obama term that if translated by liberals means made in China.

Hey Obama we need to know the truth about our energy supplies and what are you and your liberal friends going to do to get out of the way so we can prosper using cheaper American produced fossil fuels and nuclear energy.

The bottom line is simple. Civility should be based on truthfulness and not non-transparent political games. America is tired of all the political rhetoric. And the informational highways and airways will stymie any effort to continue to lie to America. If you want civility tell the truth!

If you want all the American solar panels and wind turbines to be made in China, tell us. We can handle it. If you think it is more important to create American jobs in China, maybe we can build a Whitehouse in Shanghai just for you!


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