Wall Street Moves To Washington

By: Ken Hughes

It wasn’t that long ago Obama’s worst nightmare were the boys from Wall Street. N ow they are becoming his closest advisors. That shows the world it’s easier to campaign for president than it is to be president. Obama has learned more in the past few weeks since the November elections than he learned in all the years of being a Chicago style Democrat. The secret the Daley Boys didn’t let Obama in on was as an elected Democratic official you talk one way and govern another. The father Richard J. Daley “Da Mayor” of Chicago for more than 20 years would never have tolerated the way Obama treated his constituents. Young Richard M. Daley the current mayor of Chicago is proving he isn’t his father’s son he seems to be the poker player extraordinary. As Illinois and Chicago sit on the professes of a financial obyss both he and his brother Bill pack their bags and head for higher ground. That’s not the way Da Mayor would of handled it but acorns do fall far from the tree and roll down hill.

Obama went the “I’m a socialist, you’re a socialist we’re all going to be good little socialists” route and it backfired on him. Now he’s becoming a Republican Lite [aka] Centrist forgoing his far left base in the hopes of being reelected president in 2012. I prefer to think his conversion is more political than ideological. Obama is going to fight like hell to be reelected if for no other reason than to keep the keys another four years to Air Force One.

I’ve been ask why would Obama forgo his strong liberal principles. I don’t think Obama has any strong principles one way or the other I think he’s an opportunist who got extremely lucky and as long as there’s a Republican house and hopefully a Republicans senate in 2013 he’ll do whatever it takes to accommodate the majority. Standing on principle isn’t a phrase found in the Obama lexicon.

Barack Obama is weeding out those advisors who he believes lost Democrats the House of Representatives in 2010. He’s replacing them with the money makers from Wall Street in the hope they can do what his stimulus programs didn’t do. What Obama doesn’t understand is Wall Street is about making money not creating jobs so he’s no closer to a workable solution than he was before he chose the Wall Street pros to be his new managers.

Obama is a pragmatist more concerned with the end results than maintaining his previously stated principles. Its obvious Obama came to the Whitehouse believing one thing and has since learned everything the liberal left had told him was one big lie. It wasn’t the rich holding the poor back it was the poor who refused to put forth the effort to move up the ladders of success. It was the self anointed underprivileged who sold their votes and their soles for a weekly handout from the government. Obama was raised to believe the “BIG LIE” that a bigger government is the only road to Utopia. Obama may be realizing after the realization of the 2010 elections that America is everything he was taught to believe it wasn’t. Americans are not the oppressed people who live under the boot heal of the rich, that every Americans has the opportunity to rise to the highest levels in any field they choose all it take is effort and the will to succeed.

Being American citizens we are blessed with freedom of speech unfortunately not with a mandate for speaking the truth. Americans are the most lied to people on earth from their government to the persons who beg for charitable contributions to the do gooders who want to improve everyone lifestyles. Those persons out to improve society see nothing wrong with a little embellishment of the truth if it’s for the greater good. The problem it never stops with a little lie it always grows into the bigger lie until believability is out the door and the whole purpose of the original lie is lost forever. Obama has lost the reasons for his original lies no matter how noble he may have thought they were.

Growing up a Liberal Democrat lying comes natural to Obama, he wasn’t aware until this past November most Americans are neither Democrats or Republicans they’re first and foremost Independent American citizens. Their political registration has nothing to do with the way they vote. The average American citizen has another unique quality that escapes most political active people, they’re sensitive to those people who’re continually viscously attacked by either party. To put if perfectly blunt the American people are fair and their politicians aren’t.

President Obama is restructuring those positions around him in his anticipation of running for president in 2012. Obama won the 2008 election partly on a lie he was a man of change and partly because the Republican establishment had failed the public as being representative of their desires. No one expected a golden idol in Obama but neither did they expect the lead weight they got. The Obama presidency is the most dishonest corrupt inefficient since Jimmy Carter. Obama has engaged several Wall Street experts in international finance and politics to help fill the hole he’s dug for himself in the past two years. In order for Obama to make the next two years palatable for the American voters he’s going to have to do some very fancy moves on the dance floor of public opinion. Can Obama change enough to convince voters to reelect him in 2012, that will be one of the shrewdest moves in political history if he pulls if off.

What Obama can and will do is still anyone’s guess, he has 21 months to put it together in a way the voters will buy what he claims to be selling. In that 21 month’s he must also convince the voters he won’t do another 180 degree turn around back to his old socialist agendas. In the past two year Obama above all else has proven he can’t be trusted to keep his word about anything. Fool me once maybe, fool me twice never.

We are a nation of tolerant people who look for the best in most people with the power to make decision for us. Tolerant yes stupid no when the obvious become so obvious it’s ridiculous then its time for changes. Every politician in both parties in all governments across the country should be looking over their shoulder in 2012 real change is coming


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