ALIPAC Announces Battle of The States 2011


Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is formally announcing the Battle of The States 2011 effort which will seek to pass more state level immigration enforcement legislation than ever before.

ALIPAC’s President, William Gheen, will deliver details of this national strategy during a rally on the Halifax Mall outside of the NC General Assembly building in Raleigh today at 11am. The speech will be recorded and podcast to activists, the national media, and to state and federal lawmakers.

The rally will feature speakers from the NC GOP and Tea Party groups, and will take place shortly before lawmakers are sworn in at noon today.

“We want our state lawmakers to do three things to help stop and reverse illegal immigration in 2011,” said William Gheen. “We want illegal aliens off of our voter registration and taxpayer benefit lists, and we want improved versions of Arizona’s SB 1070 passed to increase state level enforcement of America’s existing border and immigration laws.”

The Denver-based National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) has just announced that a historic number of states tried to crack down on illegal immigration in 2010. They expect 2011 to set a new record.

ALIPAC has a national activist network of over 40,000 supporters who are being encouraged to contact their state lawmakers to request legislation that reflects the three goals of this new national strategy.

Once state lawmakers file legislation that will empower local police to enforce immigration laws or prevent illegal aliens from voting or collecting taxpayer benefits, ALIPAC activists will be directed to lobby for the passage of the legislation.

Activists can follow the links on the homepage of to the Battle Of The States 2011 area where lobbying and legislative details are being collected.

Currently there is already active legislation dealing with illegal immigration filed in the states of Montana, Georgia, Wyoming, Washington, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Florida, Oregon, Virginia, Colorado, Kentucky, Indiana, New York, West Virginia, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Maryland, Mississippi, Texas, South Carolina, Nebraska, and Arkansas.

“We’ve never seen this much state legislation this early in the year before,” said William Gheen. “We are going to pass more bills than ever before and increase the rate at which illegal aliens are leaving American soil on their own accord.”

For more information about legislation in each state or to schedule interviews please visit our Battle of The States 2011 at this link

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