Geraldo for Brainless Open Borders

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By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Geraldo is getting pretty old and when you see a Latino issue on the horizon you will always see Geraldo. The latest issue is the Dream Act. Geraldo claims it only affects 800,000 illegal immigrants, and why don’t we help them out!

This all strikes me a bit funny. Geraldo is of Jewish and Puerto Rican ancestry and he was born in NYC just like me. My ancestry is Polish and Italian and maybe some Greek. Does that mean I want all the Polish and Italian people in the world to illegally invade the United States!

Geraldo does not believe any of the numbers. He doesn’t believe that the cost to America for illegal immigrants is in the billions or trillions of dollars. He seems to think America needs the “brown backs” as he called them and we need the illegals to pay for social security. He must be out of his mind. Immigration didn’t work so well for Great Britain and France.

First off, the Dream Act exacerbates many American problems.

Let’s say some minor fulfills the requirements to become an American Citizen. What next. Where do you draw the line? Will they apply to have their illegal parents converted to citizens? Where does it stop! And it was the parents who allegedly brought the illegal immigrant minor to this country in the first place. So why not reward their stellar behavior by allowing them to become citizens as well.

What happens to the minors who don’t take advantage of the Dream Act? Do we send them a packing with their family and parents?

Geraldo says no, only if they commit a crime. This seems kind of stupid. If they do the Dream act they stay. If they don’t do it they stay. Where is the incentive, Geraldo? You are thinking with your heart and not your brains!

But even with Geraldo’s argument in favor of the Dream Act, he still preaches that he is against open borders. Maybe he is dreaming of open borders only for Latinos. If the Dream Act is allowed to pass, isn’t that an invitation for more illegals to come to America with their minor children?

Here are a few questions for Geraldo to report on:

1) How many illegal immigrants do you think are presently residing in America?

Keep in mind Geraldo this immigration without borders has been occurring for a long time. If we include all the folks who are illegal including the anchor babies and their offspring, aren’t we talking about 30 to 50 million folks?

2) Of this number how many folks do you think are working? And how many of these folks are not working? From these numbers thanks to our latest census we should be able extrapolate how much the illegals are paying into the system and how many have become a burden to the American system.

The way Geraldo paints the picture it’s like we pluck Latinos out of their country borrow them for a day and send that home till the next business day. Geraldo… Why don’t you go and visit a place like Hazelton, PA! That’s close to the Mexican border and find out how many of the Latinos there are working and paying into the system and how many are not.

Geraldo please find me a job that an American citizen would not do that can only be done by an illegal immigrant?

So it doesn’t take a climatologist to ascertain that the illegal immigrants are sucking more from the system then they pay in. If you use your brain Geraldo that means they are a burden, not an asset. If they are a burden today, that burden will grow exponentially in the next decade or so.

Factor in costs associated with drug trafficking, driving without a license and uninsured vehicles, healthcare and so on and there is a terrible burden placed on our country. And as long as we keep sending American Jobs to China, then what jobs are the illegal immigrants going to fulfill? Are they going to take jobs away from legal citizens? If that is so, how many?

It’s easy to become a bleeding heart liberal like Geraldo, but if you look at the numbers, America can no longer afford the burden of all these illegal immigrants.

In the old days when America was king of manufacturing there were jobs available with a surplus that could be absorbed by the illegal immigrants. Those days are gone.

So Geraldo, it is time to use your brain and not your heart. Over a century ago, my grand parents were invited to come to this country to work. And they came and prospered in a country that had the capacity to allow them to prosper.

There is a lot of chit chat about the Latino vote being crucial to 2012. The Latino vote is not like the Black vote. The Blacks have been bamboozled for years and after the job OBama did in the last 2 years, a lot of these folks are starting to understand that the government does not work too well unless the economy grows. And we know the Democrats can grow government, but they can’t grow private sector jobs.

Same holds true for the Latino vote. Latinos have been here for centuries. The Cubans and Puerto Ricans were invited to become citizens at will. Those who are here and are legal citizens are not going to be too anxious to vote to allow more illegal Latinos to enter America and compete with them for the jobs they have. Not only compete, but they will continue to drive down the cost of American living at the same time the liberals want to raise taxes. Hey Geraldo, are you ready to take a pay cut?

The last few years of Obama have produced a rude awakening to all the citizens that think with their hearts and not with their brains. Thanks to a great many liberal policies our economy is being destroyed. It is time to take a serious look at the numbers. If our economy as it stands can only support so many people with the way the economy is stagnating today, then how can America afford to allow more people in?

Who will have to bear the burden of all the short comings? All the citizens will be left holding the bag. Hey Geraldo, are you willing to pay down this burden with a 90% tax on your unearned income? The liberals already want to tax your unearned income to pay for the albatross Obamacare. What will be next and how much?

People don’t dislike Obama because of the job he has done. They don’t like Obama because he does not know how to create jobs. But Obama does know how to spend money that America can not afford to spend. How come these politicians don’t have a heart when they decide to increase taxes on Good Americans?


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