Mike says no to “President Pence”

By: Greg Halvorson

Recently, in a Facebook post, I weighed in to opine on the future of Mike Pence, writing:

It will be a sad day for America – though a great day for Indiana – should Mike Pence choose to run for governor and not the presidency.  America needs Mike Pence…. The GOP field for 2012 is full of flawed and vulnerable candidates, weak leaders, and wishy-washy opportunists.  Pence is the man to DEFEAT Barack Obama.  Without him in the field, we may suffer Obama II.

Now, having said that, I must confirm a sad day.  For Pence has announced he won’t run, a blow to the prospects of a Conservative POTUS.  Whether he’ll run for governor isn’t clear (Mitch Daniels is term-limited and may seek the White House), but what is clear is that David Axelrod is smiling

For the Left, you see, fears Mike Pence.  Unlike Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin, whose message suffers in delivery, he doesn’t invite derision and is dynamic and electable.

Without him, we haven’t a leader who troubles Dems but a threesome – Mitt, Huck and Newt – who sound like band-leaders from the fifties.  The first passed socialized medicine.  The second pardons murderers.  And the third has more baggage than an airport carousel.

And none can take Obama.

Pence is young, it’s said, and after serving Indiana, will be a better candidate.  But the truth is: we don’t need a “better candidate.”  ObamaCare is law, and if Obama wins, freedom loses.  The election upcoming is the gravest of our lives.  And the road just got steeper without Mike Pence.

Greg Halvorson is the founder of Soldiers Without Boots, and hosts Freedom Warrior Radio on Blog TalkRadio.

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