It’s The Second Amendment Because ….!

By: Ken Hughes

The first amendment guarantees the people’s right to a religion of their choice, to speak freely, to a free and impartial media and to address their government as equals. The second amendment gives the people the tools and the power to see no bureaucrats mess with the first amendment. The founders were politicians and knew what a politician with unfettered power is capable of.

First came God, then guns then America and finally a constitution that a guarantee man’s freedoms as individuals. America has the oldest continual democracy in the world, partly because of the constitution but mostly because of the citizen’s right to keep and bear arms. When the people have guns it’s called a democracy when the government has all the guns it becomes an autocracy. Fifty-six brave men signed the Declaration of Independence marking themselves as traitors to the crown. If the revolution had failed these brave men would have been hung, how many of today’s politicians would risk their lives for a principle? Today most politicians won’t risk a negative vote if they can help it.

Weapons have been man’s constant companion since the Neanderthals surrendered the earth to the Humanoids. First it was stones and clubs then as mans knowledge progressed so did his weapons and finally the gun became the ultimate weapon of choice for both hunting and protection. Every square inch of this great nation can be attributed to the gun whether by force or by negation the gun was there to assure a deal would be sealed. Guns have rid the world of many a barbaric dictator who would enslave others if not for the power of the peace makers and their stronger guns. Nations who ban guns and citizen militias are not the peace makers they’re parasites living off of the bravery of others. Anyone who isn’t willing to fight for their property and freedom deserves neither.

Politicians have always been targets for overzealous activists, that’s one of the things politicians should expect and be prepared to deal with, they should never burden their paranoia on the public. Recent suggestion for laws that restrict public access to political activity are ridiculous, no politicians life is worth the public’s freedom of expression. Politicians are as plentiful as flees on a dog, there’s only one constitution. Too many have sacrificed too much for to long to have it snatched form us now. America needs a new group of politicians in Washington who believe in the oath they took in order to serve this country.

When the Colonials were fighting the war of independence not everyone was in agreement the colonies should secede from England. Democracy per say was a word found in a Greek dictionary it had never been tried on such a grand scale before. Most thought the common man was incapable of self-governing there was the fear of antagonizing one of the greatest military powers on the planet. It took the courage of the founders with the backing of the common man, in those days that would have been the farmers and shop keepers. Harvard University the center of higher learning at the time was still under the guidance of the crown. Harvard wasn’t about to sanction rebellion of the colonies. The success of the revolution took the same people then as the retaking of the government will this time around, A Tea Party Movement.

The original Tea Party took muskets to the battle, today’s Tea Party are using the Internet, talk radio and conservative TV pundits to bring the battle to the Crown [i.e.] liberal politicians. As in 1776 the final battle will be fought with the words written in the constitution and the battle for a return to what America has always stood for will be written in words on voter ballots across America.

The constitution has become to mean whatever anyone wants it to say, most of the interpretations are without merit. The framers weren’t sure the Republic or the constitution would survive however in the event both did they didn’t want to tie the hands of future generations and at the same time they didn’t want to leave the constitution open ended to allow politicians to obliterate it at will. Almost immediately after ratification the amendment process began. The first seven articles direct the federal government for what powers they have and don’t have. None of which are directed at the people, that’s where the 27 amendments become significant. The first and second amendments are the cornerstone of the constitution, the people rights and the people’s right to defend those rights by whatever [peaceful] means necessary, armed revolution isn’t necessarily a bad thing in the name of freedom.

The first century of the American experiment there were a number of skirmishes fought between the people and their government none of them changed one word in the constitution per say. Each encounter brought new meaning to the constitution and new amendments to strengthen the resolve of the American people to stand by what they have as the law of the land. Nearly every president since George Washington has made an attempt to tinker with the constitution to make it fit his agenda. Every attempt to side step the constitution runs into the same road blocks, the two houses and two political parties in congress who must agree by a majority before any changes can be submitted to the people for their approval. Those brilliant men in 1776 had to be inspired by God to create a document that stands on its own merits 230 years later.

If Barack Obama has done nothing else as president this past two years he’s inspired a new wave of patriotism in grass roots America this country hasn’t seen in three decades. Obama’s lack of patriotism has put the fear of Allah in hinterland Americas. Is Obama a Muslim, probably not? Is he an egomaniacal ingrate, absolutely? Obama has never been called on to defend this country instead like a child at Christmas time he plays with his war toys and the boxes they came in without knowing the significance of either. Obama has been without commitment to causes all his life and now he’s piling his short comings on the Americans people. Not to worry no one man is greater than the democracy we the people inherited from our ancestors if we’re willing to defend it.

Like the star over Bethlehem in the scriptures, between now and November 2012 a new conservative star will shine over us and bring America back to the land our forefathers promised we would live in and enjoy.


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