Women Of The 21st Century

By: Ken Hughes

In the 60s, 70s and 80s organizations like NOW wanted the government to pass laws demanding women be respected. Then a politically correct thing to do was allow women to pick up a restaurant check open a man’s car door for him or be the last person in an elevator. A woman’s right to act and look like a man was on the move. Women like Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem were the rock stars of the time. These women organized and demanded the emasculation of men and a decentralized family structure. They demanded a new Amazon class of women who would rule the world. They really didn’t have a plan it was more like a loud nasty voice that propelled them to action. As it turned out most of the early women’s movements were more about self promotion than equal rights for women. After three decades women realized being superior was much better than being equal and things got back to as normal as possible under the circumstances.

The 21st century women realized men didn’t mind sharing the spot light but they refused to be pushed out of it entirely. Today women compete equally and fairly for their turn to be seated at the head of the table. Today there are literally hundreds of female decision makers spread out across America, they got there by being able to compete on an intellectual bases, so what if they remained a little bit sexy in their climb to the top, that’s why God shaped them the way he did. These 21st century women are the movers and shaker of tomorrow, at the rate their numbers are growing soon men will be crying for equal time and equal rights.

Today’s liberated woman is not the pot smoking bisexual hippy of the 60s and the 70s. Today these female power houses are wives and mothers, very attractive and very articulate. They represent the true liberated woman who can be all they want to be without following someone else’s play book. We’re told if it weren’t for those women’s rights pioneers woman would still be a suppressed minority. I disagree I say today’s women made it because they were able to disclaim the past and compete on an equal basis. The Nag’s from NOW only held them back, the Nag’s from NOW set barriers today’s women had to tear down and disprove before they would be accepted in the cooperate and political world.

There’s a mentality in the so-called minority communities, be it race, religion or gender and that’s only the government can lift them up to equal status with the rest of society. Today’s successful woman have proven that theory wrong, they made it by hard work and clear thinking. No woman in the 21st century has been more self made than Sarah Palin, no person in the 21st century has been more vilified for their success than Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin’s proved to women across America they don’t have to meet the elitist’s standard to succeed they can be good wives, good mothers and good neighbors and still manage the family farm. There are hundreds of conservative women who know managing the governments affairs isn’t any different than managing a family household, it’s just magnified a wee bit. The American experiment evolved from the household disciplines of the early settlers.

In 1620 as are today’s women an essential part of the communities success or failure. The founders in their wisdom broke down administrative duties into segments, federal government, states, counties, municipalities and families. One was never intended to be superior over the other, democracy was intended to be administered by the will of the people, all of the people. In colonial times women were held in higher esteem than they are today no one thought it necessary to make a special place for them in the constitution. The founders couldn’t have foreseen the changes 230 years would bring to America nor could they have foreseen the degree of anger and distrust among today’s politicians. In colonial days Washington didn’t trust Adams, Adams didn’t trust Jefferson and Jefferson hated everyone but it wasn’t know by the general population these men all worked for the good of the nation. In the early days of the Republic they concentrated on building a nation not tearing one apart. Delve into the history books and you’ll find many woman played pivotal roles as peace makers and the creation and expansion of this great country.

There can be no greater example of women being recognized for their ability than those appearing on Fox Cable News. Other networks have one or two star performers who get equal billing with their male counterparts. At Fox women get their own shows or their own bylines these Fox Women are Lawyers and PhDs the fact they are blond and attractive just means they also have a personal pride in their appearance. I challenge anyone to question the credibility of Greta Van Susteren or Laura Ingraham. There are dozens of other conservative women out there with a voice who are making the difference. Today it may be a low rumble and tomorrow it will be shouts from the roof tops heard across America.

Those concretive women candidates who lost races in 2010 didn’t lose because they weren’t qualified, they lost because they refused to get down and campaign in the dirt. While these women were talking issues their Democratic opponents were talking trash it was one of the most successful character assassination campaigns in history. George Soros, Bill Gates and Warren Buffets money was well spent. When they have more money than God it’s easy to play God, these men are manipulators. If something isn’t done to change the atmosphere in congress and the presidency between now and 2016 we won’t be looking at redistributed wealth, rather redistributed poverty. This nation can’t survive as an autocracy, no nation ever has for long.

It was men with the exception of a few liberal women [i.e.] Nancy Pelosi who got this country in the condition it’s in. Perhaps now is the time to give conservative women a chance to clean up the mess. So far what we’ve heard from those women who ran for office in 2010 sounded a lot more reasonable than what we’re hearing now about increasing the national debt in order to save society from walking off into the abyss. There needs to be a new way of thinking in congress if this nation is to survive and remain free. Seventy years of creeping socialism hasn’t done what it was intended to do nor will it ever.

The old establishment politicians have failed this country, it’s time to step back and reload and allow a new 21st century mentality to take charge. To say it can’t be done is to deny all we’ve learned in more than 230 years.


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