Why Socialism is Evil

By: Ben Cerruti

In order for socialism to function in a society its tenets require the forcible redistribution of income and wealth. In practice this has never been able to be accomplished since much of wealth is the accumulation of income over time. Once established its owners have always found ways to retain that wealth by way of the power it wields. However, since income is derived in a current time frame, governments have been able to succeed in taxing higher income owners more than those earning lower incomes. This is not the same as the taxing of wealth.

The fact that it takes the inordinate force of government to effect the tenets of socialism is evidently not readily apparent to those who seek fairness in the redistribution of income and wealth. They seem to be unaware that the government bureaucracy does not really redistribute the income taxes it collects but utilizes them to further its own individual and collective interests.

Tax income is not redistributed but rather allocated. Special interests and government employees hold special importance in this allocation. Those that provide for the re-election of legislators are well taken care of as are those that execute for them as employees in the various branches and departments of government.

This is also absolutely necessary for a socialistic government to do in order to insure that any chance for insurrection by the people is minimized. Guaranteed lifetime employment for public sector employees that provides for a high wage, health and retirement benefits insures that the government over time will become an ever-larger dominating force.

What is not understood by many is that the private sector financially supports the public sector (government). Even though public employees pay taxes, the money they use to pay them comes from the private sector wage earners. In essence, the private sector is also paying their income taxes. The more that the government sector collects from the private sector the less the private sector has to grow the economy.

The very nature of socialism is based on government sector growth in order to implement its tenets and that is in direct contradiction to the growth of an economy that requires private capital and investment better left in the hands of the private sector than that of the government.

Those with great wealth always fare well in a socialistic system for a very obvious reason. Those in government must have financial support to attain their socialistic ends. Therefore, rather than a truly sharing of wealth and income the country becomes a two class system. One class being the government and those of established wealth, while the other is the working class.

When the incentive for entrepreneurial endeavors begins to vanish because of confiscatory taxation the government and established wealth take over in an attempt to provide for the working class. Lacking the private sector entrepreneurial ventures that create jobs and new wealth, economic growth declines and eventually the country loses its prosperity and economic position in the world

Socialism is evil because it gives government power to regulate virtually every facet of the lives of people. It compounds its evil because it uses force to achieve its objective and usurps from the people the divine guidance endowed to them by their creator. The inspiration to accomplish one’s purpose in life. Divine guidance unshackles each person to follow their own free will and utilize their unique talents towards their own desired ends without infringing on the rights of others to do the same. Doesn’t this follow a better path to the ultimate purpose of life than the government determining what is uniformly best for a collective mass of people?

Now a senior citizen, Ben Cerruti has been involved in espousing his views in writing for the last 20 plus years. He has been published numerous times in various San Francisco bay area newspapers and has been actively involved in taking positions on ballot measures to the point of writing the arguments and rebuttals and appearing on television to state his position. He has been involved in ongoing extensive correspondence with Milton Friedman, noted nobel laureate in economics, and is presently preparing to present this series on his website http://arationaladvocate.com.

His background included periods with his own manufacturer’s representative business, as well as, with the securities business as a registered representative. His education comprises gaining a BSEE degree at UC Berkeley, postgraduate study in business, economics, marketing and other studies including the operation of security and commodity exchanges, economic factors affecting financial markets, business operations and financial statements.

A lifetime conservative he is presently and his work is presently being published on several websites including his own.

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