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February 14, 2011

Ronald Reagan From a Black Perspective

Filed under: History,Politics In General - 14 Feb 2011

In 1985, I was asked to sing at a Ronald Reagan Inaugural Ball. I was a young black kid formerly from the east Baltimore projects, clueless about politics. However, I could not help noticing the tone of their questions and …

Changing Gun Privileges Back into Gun Rights, The First Step in Stemming the Leftist Tide

Filed under: Basic American Rights,Second Amendment - 14 Feb 2011

By: Gerard Valentino

The pro-gun movement is proud that 48 states have some sort of mechanism that allows concealed carry by law abiding citizens. Most of the 48 states have “shall issue” laws which means if a citizen meets the legal …

“Green Crime” costing taxpayers millions uncovered in probe

When President Barack Obama boasts of administration creating “green” jobs and environmental friendly projects, he’s careful not to mention something else being created: “Green Crime.”