Changing Gun Privileges Back into Gun Rights, The First Step in Stemming the Leftist Tide

By: Guest Authors

By: Gerard Valentino

The pro-gun movement is proud that 48 states have some sort of mechanism that allows concealed carry by law abiding citizens. Most of the 48 states have “shall issue” laws which means if a citizen meets the legal requirements established by the legislature the issuing authority has no choice but to approve the application to carry.

But, shall issue laws still require a citizen to ask the government for permission, and often force permit holders to follow restriction on when and how they can carry a gun. In many states, concealed carry permits can be revoked on a whim. There are even some states that let law enforcement officers take possession of a permit holder’s gun without an arrest.

If the government tried to put the same restrictions on free speech that are readily accepted for the right to bear arms the mainstream media would revolt. A similar backlash would take place if the government required a permit for anyone that wanted to join a church, mosque or synagogue.

When gun rights are treated like a privilege and are unjustly infringed, the same groups that defend the freedom of speech, freedom of religion and other constitutional rights turn the other cheek. A sad commentary on the willingness of liberty minded Americans to stand up for the most fundamental right affirmed in the Bill of Rights.

Whether you define success as material gain or by simply spending time with your family, it can all be taken away by any thug with a crowbar, baseball bat or knife unless a choice is made to utilize the best self-defense tool– a firearm. A fact that is ignored by too many law abiding citizens who refuse to acknowledge they are completely vulnerable to criminals unless they choose to exercise their right to bear arms.

Until the ability to bear arms regains full status as a constitutionally protected right it further erodes the confidence Americans have in owning a gun for self-defense. Stories of homeowners being charged with crimes for shooting an intruder, or being sued by an armed home invader further dissuade Americans from making the choice to adequately protect their family.

Many liberty minded Americans refuse to apply for a concealed carry permit or buy a gun through a licensed dealer because they believe it allows the government to keep a list of potential gun owners. Some are left with the choice of buying a gun or protecting their privacy as they see fit, which is an unfair trade-off.

For example, in Ohio a citizen forced to stop a violent attack with deadly force often has to appear in court as the defendant because of unfair self-defense laws. Imagine being home alone one night, having a crazed armed crack addict invade the sanctity of your home, the place where your kids feel safest and then being identified in court as the defendant for merely acting to protect your children.

Law abiding citizens should not have fear prison time, or having their hard earned treasure taken away because they chose to fight back when violently attacked.

Such laws need to be rectified so that law abiding citizens can carry a gun without asking permission from the government. The Founding Fathers didn’t see a need for citizens to ask for permission to bear arms, and our government today shouldn’t have the ability to restrict a law abiding citizen in that manner.

In the end however, gun control is about control not public safety, and the people calling for the destruction of gun rights are merely setting the stage for their next anti-liberty step. Instead of celebrating hollow victories, it is time for the gun movement to rise up and demand our rights are restored because until law abiding Americans are allowed to carry a gun as they see fit we can’t call ourselves free.

Gun rights and liberty are key pieces of the American experiment and losing one means losing both because without guns, liberty will surely become a casualty of big government liberal policies. Nearly 40 years ago, Colonel Jeff Cooper, the father of the modern pro-gun movement stated that when in possession of a rifle a man stops being a subject, and becomes a citizen.

His statement is just as profound today and the leftist elite in American fully understand that guns are a symbol of unfettered American liberty which makes gun control a vital piece of the leftist vision for America. It also should make protecting gun rights the number one plank in the conservative platform because without disarming the people the left can’t finish changing America into a socialist state.

Now is the time for liberty minded Americans to demand we have our rights restored. If we fail to act, then we are responsible for letting our status as citizens erode until we are merely subjects.

Gerard Valentino is a member of the Buckeye Firearms Foundation Board of Directors and his first book, The Valentino Chronicles – Observations of a Middle Class Conservative, is available through the Buckeye Firearms Association store.

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