Why Americans Should Fear Revolutions

By: Craig Chamberlain

The history of revolutions is not a good one. In almost every instance of successful revolution the most radical, and organized, faction seizes power and a bloodbath ensues. The French Revolution of 1789 saw the Jacobins, a minority faction of revolutionary fanatics, seize power and begin the reign of terror. Heads rolled down the streets of Paris. The Russian revolution of 1917 saw the Bolsheviks brush aside all other factions, and institute a dictatorship of the proletariat, one that lasted for over seventy years and killed over 60 million people. The Iranian revolution of 1979 saw the Khomeinists, a small, but organized, group push aside the communists, and democrats, and institute an Islamic regime that plagues the world to this very day. The American revolution doesn’t count as it wasn’t really a revolution. The American patriots were fighting a war of independence and seeking to preserve the old order, not overthrow the existing system and replace it with something new entirely. This is why there were no purges, mass executions, or show trials, when the British were defeated and America gained its independence.

There is an innate sense of sympathy for a people struggling under a dictatorship. People want to be free and the world usually cheers whenever a tyrant falls. But is that always a good thing. There is no question that the Shah of Iran was a tyrant, but the tyranny that replaced him was far worse. Batista of Cuba was undoubtedly a dictator, but was never as repressive, or cruel, as the Castro regime that took his place. When the Somoza regime was overthrown in Nicaragua we got the Sandinista regime. So there is a great danger that the fall of one dictator will lead to a tyranny far worse than the one overthrown. This is because all revolutions are essentially Utopian by nature. They envision a perfect world and anyone who doesn’t fit in with their plans, anyone who doesn’t belong, has to go. Lenin killed 10 million, mostly Kulaks and small farmers. Stalin killed 50 million in his paranoid purges. Mao killed 30 million in his cultural revolution. Pol Pot killed 2 million, one fourth of the population, in his attempt to create a primitive agrarian society.

This is why the American people should be worried about the events in Egypt. In the February 10th edition of the Washington Post they have a guest writer named Abdel Moneim Abou el- Fatouh, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, castigating the west of not embracing the Brotherhood and dismissing those with criticisms as “fearmongers” In it he points out that since the Brotherhood will not have a candidate in any upcoming Presidential elections they have no dictatorial intentions. Sharia law is nothing to be feared, he claims, we shouldn’t be afraid of it as it is only a vehicle to bring about justice, liberty, peace, and freedom. This is a common tactic in the Middle East. Speak in moderate soothing tones to the western world, but when we’re not listening it’s all death to Israel! Death to the Jews! Death to the Christians! And Death to America!

Forgive my skepticism. I suppose it makes me a fearmonger to point out that his claims are nothing but a load of garbage. Let’s address his first claim that they respect democracy and won’t go against the will of the people by fielding a candidate. To which I say: so what? That hasn’t stopped Hezbollah from taking over Lebanon. The President and Prime Minister aren’t members of that terrorist organization but that doesn’t stop them from taking orders from the Iranian run terrorist organization. The Muslim Brotherhood will most likely attempt the same strategy. While they say they will stay out of the Presidential election (the Islamists in Tunisia are making the same promise) they will participate in the parliamentary elections, which they will undoubtedly sweep. With a large majority no President will be able to stand up to them, and even if not a member of the Brotherhood will be forced to bow to their demands in order to stay in office. If that doesn’t work they will find a candidate sympathetic to their views, though not a member, to run for President and help the Brotherhood make Egypt under the control of Sharia law, which brings me to my second point.

Sharia law is not about justice, it’s not about liberty. It’s about control. Don’t take my word for it, just look at any of the country’s that are governed by this enlightened code. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan and Afghanistan when it was controlled by the Taliban. Thieves have hands cut off, women are treated as chattel, non Muslims have no rights(Mr. el-Fatouh was eerily silent on what the Coptic population of Egypt could expect with the Brotherhood in charge.) and people have no freedoms in their own lives. Any activity that is deemed unislamic is illegal. That can be anything from listening to music, wearing western style clothing, or drinking alcohol. Even in so called moderate country’s the imposition of Sharia law is a fact of life that makes the populace suffer.

Just recently in Bangladesh a 14 year old girl was raped by a 40 year old relative. However, under the enlightened rule of Sharia, rape is not a crime unless there are four eyewitnesses. That’s not likely to happen. So, instead of charging the man with rape, they charged the girl with unlawful sex(though the man walked off free and clear) and was sentenced to 100 lashes for fornication. She died after about 80 lashes. This is Sharia. It is a barbaric, medieval, Bedouin code of law to govern an illiterate, savage, violent, inbred people. We should be very worried about a group that wants to impose this law on 80 million people(and in their endgame, make it worldwide).

Revolutions are dangerous, and if not guided correctly the people will end up with something far worse than the reign of Mubarak. The United States of America cannot afford to have the largest Arab nation under the control of Sharia law. If that happens the majority of the people in the region will be under the control of radical governments intent on wiping out Israel, and waging war against the United States. The Brotherhood is not peaceful, it’s not interested in Democracy, it’s not interested in freedom, and it’s not our friend. Too bad the geniuses in the State Department can’t figure that out.

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