Will We Ever Learn

By: William P. Frasca

When will we as a nation ever learn our lessons concerning our dependency on oil produced from foreign unstable Countries? Those who are not only hostile to our ideologies but are also very abusive blood sucking manipulators, who are control of our economy, our food, clothing, transportation and livelihood. Their decisions rest solely upon what mood they are in, and the caliber of greed in which is displayed.

Our problems, we are experiencing with this natural resource, is basically self induced, because of the constant rampage rhetoric of the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and the Progressives doom and gloom to the ecology, and bogus love for nature. Here’s a little information and a brief history to reaffirm the hostilities we face today are the repetitious mistakes made by our government in the past.

It started with The Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC), which later was better known as (OPEC), was initially conceived as far back as the oil crisis of 1973. This happened during the Nixon Administration when these Countries consisting of Arab Nations, including Egypt, Syria, and Tunisia, flexed their muscle, realizing what power they really had over the United States of America and the world, by proclaiming a well planned out oil embargo.

This holdback had a most convenient excuse to justify their outrage, by defending and forming a solid unification of Arab ideologies against their enemies. This basically was targeted against America and her loyal allies concerning their Middle East policies, which was supporting Israel during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. OAPEC spotted a hole in the armor, and immediately went on the offensive to bring the world to its knees. This was not only the start of “High Prices” at the gas pump, but it also placed us in a compromising position, by dancing to the tune of a foreign fiddler.

They used the power of oil needed, throughout the world, as an influential commanding overpowering tool or should we as an effective weapon, to forcibly escalate petroleum products. They knew without black gold, economies would crumble and collapse one by one like dominoes, causing a worldwide depression.

They were well informed on America’s predicament that oil production was limited and it couldn’t sustain itself, let alone coming to the aide of her allies. This arm twisting event, proved to be their goose that laid the Golden egg, offering an opportunity to manipulate oil prices at their command, squeezing out the Western oil companies. .

The Nixon Administration eventually was forced to take the imitative, sent Henry Kissinger to the Middle East in an attempt to negotiate peace. He met with success, but certain concessions had to be met, such as Israeli troop’s withdrawing from parts of the Sinai and parts of the Golan Heights, including a negotiated settlement and agreement with Israel and Syria.

OAPEC made the world twist and squirm until they cried uncle, basically and unconditionally forcing them to give in to their demands. America after these unpleasant turn of events realized their weakness and approved the construction of the Alaskan pipeline.

The failed Jimmy Carter Administration experienced another oil crisis in 1979, which placed another incompetent notch in his Administration’s belt. This offered continued solid documentation and proof of its proven its inefficiencies, and ineffectiveness. He obviously wasn’t a student of history, by virtually falling into the same trap by repeating almost the same past mistakes in the Middle East. This time it was with Iran.

America was hit over the head for a second time with another oil crisis. I’m old enough to remember and had the misfortune of living in a time of National chaos. We had long gas lines, odd/even days, with limited gas purchases. Service Stations displaying big signs, “No Gas”, heating oil was in jeopardy and naturally unlimited inflation, and high interest rates. Our paper money was virtually left worthless.

The Iranian Revolution provided a temporary abrupt halt in oil production for that country. This stoppage adversely effected oil supply throughout the world creating a shortage. OPEC oil producing Nations and the Western oil Companies were required to pick up the slack, thus causing another justification to raise oil and gas prices.

Most American’s were skeptical because once gas prices reached a certain price, miraculously the shortage was over. This left reasonable doubt in the hearts and minds of the American people.

Now over thirty two (32) years later we still find ourselves shackled by foreign oil. We are in the same boat, with no oars, and no direction, allowing the OPEC current of instability to direct our course. We once again are held hostage by a Region with a blink of an eye could change government hands that are potentially hostile to American.

Gas prices; have been slowly but surely rising and rising and rising. The unrest with the unknown in Egypt, with uncertainty in the future of the Suez Canal that could possibly close it, or increase rates, left to the mercy of corrupt officials. This leaves a big question mark that will offer the, “Powers that Be” another excuse to adversely affect our already deteriorating economy. This will add uncontrollable inflation, and deliberate shortages in basic living essentials, obviously raising our cost of living, and reducing our already distressful and stressful quality of life.

The Carter Administration has resurrected itself into the Obama Administration. Unfortunately history with all its negatives, does repeat itself.

We have as our leader during these trying times our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”. Do we really as a Nation, omitting the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and the Progressives, really and truly have any legitimate confidences in his leadership? This man has proven himself totally unskilled with his ineffectual bungling associated with most of his attempts in dealing with any high profile problematic situations, foreign and domestic. This man who mirrors the same clueless image as Jimmy Carter?

Do we really have any faith and hope in a leader that compounded our situation by placing and imposing a moratorium, by stopping off shore drilling, with no desire to drill for oil a one of our most lucrative oil discoveries in years, which is Anwr, Alaska,. Why is this region that is full and rich with crude oil still left barren and untouched by a drill, while we are held captive?

Do we really have the respect and admiration of a leader, who travels to the Middle East bowing and curtseying to every third world King or Dictator, while projecting words of Apologies in the name of America? This does not show leadership capabilities or characteristics, but it does show and highlight his deficiencies as the President of the United States of America.

Obviously the Saudi Family notices how weak Obama is, bowing, scrapping and apologizing for everything that they immediately displayed their arrogance by dictating to him, and America their demands concerning our recent Egyptian propaganda. The Saudi’s say to Obama jump and he says high. He represents the United States of America and is the leader of the free world. This is a disgraceful display of humiliation and reducing us to a lackey role in the face of the world. America you made a terrible mistake.

Isn’t it quite humorous when gas prices escalated during the Bush Administration, the Democratic hypocrisy had an investigation, bringing the oil companies to Washing D.C. for hearings, holding their feet to the fire, demanding answers. They charged them with illegitimate outlandish accusations stating that they were in bed with President Bush and Vice-President Chaney. Now with the gas prices swelling to epidemic proportions, even higher than his predecessor, the Obama Administration, is receiving another free ride, being protected by the main stream liberal media and his own Liberal Party for his obvious ineptness, while justifying his inabilities to solve this or any vital crucial problem.

We as Americans must peacefully question Authority, and non-violently demand our Country to free us from the clutches of these unbalanced OPEC countries by becoming totally and independently self sufficient with our energy consumption. It is also essential that we efficiently develop and improve all other alternative energy resources, which are imperative for our future survival. We must continued to increase and resume all offshore drilling and start producing oil in Anrw Alaska, immediately without any hesitation or threats from the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and the Progressives who are at their happiest when our Country is placed in a subservient, compromising role of helplessness, embarrassment and dishonor.

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