Egypt: The Next Iran

By: Michael John McCrae

And here we go. After living through Jimmy Crater’s single, ineffectual term I am now watching a replay of victorious Islamic radicalism’s efforts to rule the world. The Carter Administration trusted the lies of the mullahs and stood mute to the cries of the people of Iran; allowing them to be subjected to a tyranny that has now lasted several decades. Iran, during those decades, has waged direct war against America, Americans and their allies without much restraint. We know of their complicity in homicide bombings, support and training of terrorists and their desire to complete their own nuclear capability. We have responded with weak sanctions, threats couched in ignored innuendo and stifled inane diplomacy.

Egypt will become kin to Iran. The lies of Islamism will bring mullahs to power to create a new tyranny that has already stated its desire to destroy Israel and create a caliphate. America, now too busy with reelection campaigns and economic uncertainties seems to be sitting on its thumbs in hopes the people of Egypt aren’t ignorant enough to vote in a government similar to Iran’s idealism. These are false hopes.

Israel now knows it is in deep trouble. At least Mubarak’s army lived up to its duty to keep arms and Iranian missiles from reaching the West Bank. The new Islamic tyrants that are destined to take over Egypt will never reach that level of humanitarianism. Their ideal will be to ensure the arming of the West Bank. They will order the Egyptian Army into war once they’ve assured themselves the support of Iran and possibly Saudi Arabia. Iran is already supportive.

What of the media? Will they be permitted inside Egypt to report what the Islamists are preparing? No. Like Iran they will be shut out. The world will only find out what the new closed society of Egypt wants the world to know. Will they ask America to continue its monetary largess? Well, that is a certainty. Saudi Arabia threatened President Obama with sanctions if he pulled his support of Mubarak; saying they would then prop him up. Where does that position stand now that Mubarak has stepped aside? Only Allah knows that answer.

But the United States is now on the sidelines. We voiced our support of the people against Mubarak. He is now gone and we have no one to talk to. The Islamists are securing their bridgehead and they will be ready to begin beheading all opposition to their plans to take over. Egypt will be an extension of Islamic radicalism; even more dangerous for it’s large, and dare I say American trained army. The Obama administration, like Carter’s, will talk, go to the U.N. and possibly ask for sanctions while watching Russia and China sign mutual arms and support agreements with the Egyptian Islamists. The Obama Administration will watch Iranian ships in Egyptian ports off load weapons and missiles destined to be used against Israel and will do nothing.

And when America does nothing the rest of the world will sit on its collective rear hoping for sanity from mullahs stuck in the dictates of a centuries-old constitution reeking only of death.

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