Here’s How to Save Money

By: Craig Chamberlain

The President thinks that he his being fiscally responsible by submitting a 3.7 trillion dollar budget(the founding fathers are rolling in their graves) and insists that any more cuts will cause the American people to suffer. The Congressional Republicans want to cut 100 billion dollars to meet their pledge and think that by doing so they are saving the republic from financial collapse. Two points should be made. One, the American people can survive without big government, we’ve done it before, so don’t worry about us Mr. President. Just get to saving money. Secondly, to the GOP, taking a 3.7 trillion dollar budget, and reducing it to 3.6 trillion dollars is not an ultimate triumph. After all we’re still spending over 3 trillion dollars per fiscal year to fund this leviathan of a federal government. One hundred billion dollars is nothing but a nice start. It’s a beginning, not an end.

The problem we’ve had in this country is that the Democrats keep expanding the size of the government, and the GOP doesn’t do anything to roll it back. It works to slow down, or stop the expansion but makes no serious attempt to roll back the federal monster that is sucking the life out of the United States. It’s not hyperbole to say that if the United States doesn’t reverse course on spending, if we don’t right the ship, there won’t be a United States of American much longer. We spend too much in Washington, both parties do. And it’s no longer enough to cut spending, we must reduce the size and power of the federal government if this country is too survive.

Just as President George H.W. Bush promised no new taxes(sadly a promise he didn’t keep) the government needs to promise no new spending. That alone would save 8.7 trillion over the next ten years. That’s just keeping spending down. If the American people are really serious about saving money they need to go much deeper and stop talking about cuts, but it’s time to start talking about elimination.

President Obama wants 50 billion dollars for infrastructure, plus another 30 billion to invest into an infrastructure bank. That’s 80 billion dollars that could be eliminated right there. There’s no real need for the Federal Government to waste all of that money on Amtrak, and the pipe dream of high speed rail. We’re not talking about fixing highways. and bridges. This is a boondoggle for the greens and their idiotic ideas on transportation. If there are real infrastructural needs then let the states pay for them. Why should people living in Virginia pay for highways in California? Why should taxpayers in Kentucky pay for infrastructure in New York? Let’s save the 80 billion and let the states take care of their own infrastructure needs.

Then there is the 77 billion dollars for the Department of Education. Let’s save another 77 billion by getting rid of this worthless bureaucracy. Aside from taking control of local school districts, through the power of the purse, and protecting the teachers unions, they have no real purpose. The Department of Education was ill conceived, created for no other reason than to expand the state. What? We didn’t have schools before the federal government created the Department of Education? It’s one of the great failures of the GOP that they didn’t kill this Department when they had the chance. Here’s a chance, and we can take 77 billion dollars and use it to pay off the debt.

Then there is the 29.5 billion dollars for the Department of Energy. This is another gift from the Carter administration. Can you make an honest argument in favor of this department? Didn’t we have energy before the feds? Can’t the states handle this more efficiently? It’s 30 billion that we can’t afford. Let’s abolish the Department of Energy and save the country 30 billion dollars.

The EPA is getting 10 billion dollars. Yes, you read that right. They are getting ten billion dollars to destroy American industry, take private property away from American citizens(all in the name of protecting mother earth of course) and being the stormtroopers for enforcing cap and trade, a system that was never actually passed into law mind you, but they’re going to make sure it’s the law of the land anyway. If there is a symbol for arrogant, greedy, overreaching, and autocratic government it’s the EPA. I don’t know if the GOP has the guts to take these guys on, but let’s save the taxpayer 10 billion dollars and get rid of the green police.

President Obama want to spend 150 billion on Research and Development. Really? Private enterprise can’t handle this? Of course the way we’re headed there won’t be any private enterprise in the next ten years. Government labs, government scientists, government waste. Show me the article of the constitution that says that the federal government is to be the nation’s scientist. Not to be “anti science” here, but this is an easy one. Let the private sector play with the microscopes and let’s save 150 billion dollars.

What do we get for all of this spending. Well, according the budget we will have, over the next decade, 8.7 trillion in new spending. Our total deficit for the next ten years will be 7.2 trillion. The deficit for this year alone will be 1.6 trillion, we will spend 46 trillion over the next ten years(if we spend at the current levels) and all of this is predicted to lower unemployment to 8.2% by 2012, and shave 1.1 trillion off of the deficit. That hardly seems like a sound investment. And forgive my skepticism, but I don’t think we’ll save a penny.

If we made the cuts that I’ve outlined here we would save 347 billion dollars. More than three times what those wimps in Congress want to cut. And I wouldn’t stop there. We could eliminate the Department of Commerce, and save 9.3 billion dollars. If we get rid of the Department of Agriculture we save another 132 billion dollars. Get rid of HUD and save 43 billion(that’s the 2010 number). Get rid of HHS and save 78 billion dollars. (Believe me no one will miss these departments, except the people that work for them.) That’s an additional 262 billion dollars. Grand total: 609 billion dollars. That’s 609 billion dollars that the federal government won’t have any more, that can be used to take a big chunk out of the deficit and debt, and can get this country back on the road to economic health.

Now, being realistic here, I know that none of this is going to happen. Even if we’re fortunate enough to vote President Obama out in 2012, retake the Senate, and increase our majorities in the House, it’s not going to happen. The politicians don’t have the stomach for real solutions. After all, they are politicians. They don’t want to kill Leviathan, they benefit from it too much, all they might be willing to do is cage it. But if the American people really want economic freedom, then maybe it’s time that we let them know that we won’t support this federal Frankenstein any more.

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