Madison Wisconsin Is Not Unionville

By: Ken Hughes

Wisconsin’s Teachers Union is trying to relate their plight to the poor people of the Middle East. That’s their first step into the hallowed halls of stupidity. The Egyptians had nothing to be taken from them they were protesting for something the Wisconsin teachers union is protesting to keep; something they weren’t entitled to have in the first place. Fifty States have civil service laws that protect government workers from excessive abuses in the work place. Those laws have been in effect longer than some of our states. Unions serve no productive purpose other than gouging more pay and more benefits from a public who don’t have a union to bargain for them, the very people who are elected to represent the public have become beholding to union bosses like little puppy dogs.

The so called well meaning teachers of Wisconsin who are standing up for their so called workers rights started out on the wrong foot by calling a Sick Out instead of making a positive statement by taking one or more of their vacation days to protest. That’s of course is an old fashion way unions use to game the system. Civil service laws protect government employees from the abuses of the system all the unions do for the teachers is get them more money more benefits and tenure in perpetuity for shoddier teaching practices, between union control and the PTA s influences teachers they have nothing they can do but capitulate or leave the system, those teachers who were once held in high regard are no more.

WORDS manipulated to have other meanings can be as infectious as any virus know to man. For years we were told teachers weren’t paid enough, now their pay is double that of the average person paying their salaries, the quality of education has dropped by 50% or more and still they aren’t being honest about what it is they demand. Now the excuse for the lack of quality education is being blamed on the students and the parents neither of which have a say in the way schools are managed. The Federal Nanny State and the politically correct mentality has taken any means of demanding compliance away from anyone in the system except by federal edict. WORDS turned inside out, upside down and backwards have given new meaning to what was once the basic three “R’s” of education. When the social amenities of the teachers unions means more than the product they are supposed to nurture, [educating youth] then they’ve failed in their purpose in life.

If the demonstrators we’ve seen in Madison Wisconsin are an example of those who are teaching our children then their qualifications are questionable to say the least, God have mercy on future generations.

For University students in Wisconsin to demonstrate against something when they have no clue of the issues is a long held tradition. If something sounds liberal the students go for it in a big way they never let the facts get in the way of the bigger picture. Never letting the facts get in the way of the bigger picture seems to be the mainstay of unionism. Now we know how the left who were making up the stories how Tea Party protesters were acting in such un-American way were able to come up with all the allegations, they came right out of the Union protesters hand book. The only thing left for the unions to bring out are the clubs and guns normally found in their mass assemblies.

Unionism survives on intimidation and thuggery, certainly not on the merits of their causes. Barack Obama says the new proposed Wisconsin legislation is an attack on unions. You dammed right it is and that’s as it should be, unions shouldn’t have the power to tell the state what it can and can’t do. Unions have more power over civil service workers across this country than the state legislatures have. Perhaps it’s time to revisit the Taft-Hartley act of 1947 that put limitations on what a union can do to organize and protest. And while we’re there reviewing the Taft-Hartley act lets take another look at the tenth amendment to the constitution that limit’s the federal governments powers to those explicitly set forth in the original seven articles of the constitution. Congress and presidents have used a single paragraph from article one section eight of the constitution commonly referred to as the commerce clause to upset everything the tenth amendment stands for. With few exceptions the founders warned of unscrupulous men in politics and commerce who would steal America’s birth right if the public weren’t diligent in protecting what they were given at great sacrifice.

If I may point out one classic example of political stupidity; Chuck Schumer, one of New York’s two senators, said in a recent speech America has three branches of government, “The House, The Senate and The President” . Had Senator Schumer been educated anywhere except by unionized teachers he would’ve know this was incorrect, the correct answer is the Legislative, the Executive and the Judiciary, all separate but equal. The question is was this a mistake on Senator Schumer’s part or was it an attempt to turn a word inside out to deceive an already confused public?

The only educational requirements for serving in elective office are those placed on the voters. Do voters have the ability to select the most qualified person for the job or do they rely on the propaganda of an election campaign? Not even the most astute of political pundits can explain why some persons are elected to office while their more qualified opponents are left in the dust. In 2008 a man with years of service to his country and a résumé as open as any one could expect to see was passed over for a person who the public knew nothing about, Barack Obama’s past is still a blank sheet of paper after two years in the Oval Office. Obama had no experience aside form being a short time state legislator in one of the most corrupt state governments in the country. America elected a rock star and got a hard worthless rock that’s dragging the country down into a sea of debt, disillusionment and distrust. It’s up to the voters to correct their previous mistakes and get the country back on track, thank God for the Tea Party Movement.

The wonderful thing about a true democracy is we the voters only have ourselves to blame when our government runs amuck. We the voters have the power to change it or let it continue as we see fit. We are the buffoons who elect the buffoons


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