Yes It Can Happen Here

By: Ken Hughes

There are a number of tax generating proposals in the Obama secret handbook. These are not suppositions, these are actual proposals that have been leaked by the Obamanistas in the past two years. In 1933 President Roosevelt confiscated gold held by the public. There’s such a proposal tucked away deep in the new Obama health care law. The problem with this is when there’s only one owner of gold its value plummets and it becomes nearly worthless as it did in 1933. There would be nothing to keep a second term Obama from using the peoples gold as collateral to a foreign government for loans or as payment for previous debt. It would then be up to the buyer to determine the value of the gold further diminishing the value of the American dollar.

How many countries have said “It can’t happen here” and it’s happened? Every time a tyrannical leader takes charge of a government it’s with the support of the poor promising them a share in the nation’s wealth. The only sharing is the hard working citizens of those countries are brought down to the level of the poor. The only winners are the lying leaders who are able to hoodwink a nation. It can happen here and America is on the verge of having the tyrants take over. The public should be listening to the words of Representative Barney Frank and Senator Chuck Schumer if they doubt the severity of having the tyrants in charge.

How many times have we heard we can’t say that about these Americans officials? I can and I do say it; they’re tyrants along with many more in Congress and the bureaucracy.

One of the Obamanistas latest proposals is to have the government take over [confiscate] and administer all retirement programs. If social security isn’t good enough for elected officials and government workers how can it possibly be good to the poor working stiffs in this country? There’s an obsession within this liberal government to control every penny of the people’s money and make it theirs. To Liberals capitalism is an abomination.

My rhetoric may be harsh but the real harsh times are just around the corner if we aren’t diligent and don’t become active protecting this great country from domestic tyrants. Recent history tells us countries cave from within not from foreign invasions.

In the past two years public opinion has moved over the 50% mark of concern for the countries future. With each new demand of Obama’s for the government to borrow and spend more money the percentage points raise higher in favor of returning the country to a constitutional republic. Idiot Senator Chuck Schumer recently said the government is made up of three branches “The house, the senate and the presidency”. Was that a mistake on the senators part or was he trying to implant a false impression for those who admire him? As far as the liberal left is concerned dictionaries are a useless waste of man energy looking in them. Liberals make up the definitions to fit their positions at the time no matter how far off track they are.

As the world moves away from tyrannical style governments the Obamanistas move closer trying to create one for America. There’s something obscene about people who try to dictate lifestyles to others. That isn’t how America became the land so many people in the world want to live in. Despite Barack Obama’s distorted vision of America it’s still the most sought after place on earth to live. In Obama’s world the producers are punished and the slackers are rewarded, that’s the way he presents it. The facts are everyone is punished and only the elitists are rewarded. It’s called Karl Marx comes to America.

The left speaks in platitudes about democracy and at every opportunity they defy the very principles of democracy and that is each person has a right to voice a dissenting opinion. The placards carried by the protesting teaches in Madison Wisconsin are sophomoric to say the least. Many are vile to the point of illegal intimidation and the voters are ask to sympathize with these semi- illiterates educators? When the voters see what’s going on in Madison Wisconsin they’re surely going to demand a more responsible employment certifications in the future once the unions are no longer in charge of hiring policies.

Governors standing up to government employee unions isn’t about wages and benefits alone, it’s about who’s in charge. The public will no longer accept unions telling governors and legislators how to run their states especially now they are being made aware of how over compensated government workers are. Government workers have benefit’s the average person doesn’t even dream of having. We can thank Barack Obama for opening the public’s eyes making them aware of the abuses of power by the government and unions over the past half century.

There’s a constitution for a reason, a democratic style government alone wouldn’t have protected the people from unscrupulous politicians. What the framers gave us was a Constitutional Republic with all power in the hands of the people. The first seven articles of the constitution and the tenth amendment were written to protect the people from the abuses of government excesses. The first seven articles of the constitution are explicit in the powers the federal government has and how far each of the three branches executive, legislative and judicial could go to extend their authority over the rights of the people. The United States of America didn’t become a nation with the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1783.

The treaty of Paris of 1783 ended hostilities between the thirteen colonies and Mother England. It took until 1789 for the Continental Congress to write, agree on and pass documents establishing a nation and electing a president to lead the country. It took several more years for the thirteen colonies to ratify the necessary document to bring about the United States of America. Creating autocratic governments is easy, creating a Constitutional Republic takes time and thought. Keeping a Constitutional Republic takes effort and the diligence of the people looking out for and removing those who would corrupt the system.

Today America is on the fringes of tittering into a pit of corruption. The voters have elected inept unqualified politicians whose only goal is self aggrandizement. The oath each of them swears to is nothing more than words written in ink on paper. Unless there’s a change in the majority of congress America becomes the next nation on a long list of failed nation.

The next opportunity to correct the ills infecting congress is coming in 2012, let us pray it won’t be wasted.


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