Our Freedoms Are in Danger

By: Craig Chamberlain

There are basically two lines of thought when it comes to political philosophy. There are those who think that people should be free to run their own lives, more or less, and there are those who think that the rights of the individual must be subservient to some all powerful state in the name of some noble cause. This latter philosophy has had many spokesmen, such as Plato, Rousseau, Hegel, Marx, Qutb, etc. and many different faces. There is fascism, communism, progressivism, Islamism, nationalism, and so on. The people who support such movements and philosophies disagree among themselves about how their perfect world should look, but there is one thing which they can, and do, agree upon: those who stand in their way must be done away with.

These people, for lack of a better term I’ll call them Utopians, all believe that people cannot run their own lives, or should not be allowed to do so. They believe that it is their sacred duty to rid the world of corruption and injustice. Sounds great, doesn’t it? After all, do you know anyone who is in favor of corruption or injustice? The problem is that the terms are subjective and mean different things to different people. To a Marxist it’s unjust to allow one person to have more than another person, and only a corrupt society would allow such inequalities to exist. To an Islamic fundamentalist it’s unjust that their society is not governed by Sharia law, and only a corrupt society would not implement Sharia law to its fullest extent. While these Utopians see their perfect world in different terms they agree that they have a common enemy. Anyone who believes in freedom, especially capitalism and republicanism, is the enemy of these people.

One of the tenets of conservatism is that man is not perfectible in this life. No amount of education, government intervention, or anything else, is going to create a perfect place. People make mistakes, people aren’t perfect. There’s no way to change that. In realizing that we must accept that corruption and injustice will always be around, we should fight them when we find them, but we should never allow ourselves to believe that they can be done away with entirely. The Utopian, in his zeal to rid the world of all injustices ends up making a world where there is no justice at all. Look at the Muslim lands governed by Sharia, or the countries that still hold to Marxist thinking. Ask yourself would you rather be a worker in the United States or a worker in the workers paradise of Venezuela or Cuba?

These radical Utopians insist that the reason the world has problems is because their ideals have never been given a fair chance, and in order to get that they will have to remove the current system of democratic representation, and capitalism to get what they want. The communist, the fascist, and the Islamic radical can all agree on that, and work together for that end. Most people will tell you that it can’t happen that two systems with such different world views can’t possibly work together. But they can, and do, work together and their alliance has put the freedoms of the American people in great jeopardy.

These people don’t like freedom. In their minds people can’t be trusted to govern themselves so they must do it for them. They will take a persons individual rights, all in the name of fighting injustice of course, but those inalienable rights will be gone all the same. We’re seeing a joint offensive, a one-two punch, around the world. Muslim fanatics are taking to the streets all over the Arab world to overthrow existing regimes and replace them with Islamic government. Don’t buy into the nonsense that this is a youth movement in favor of secular democracy. We saw the first revolution of the 1940′s through the 1960′s replace the monarchies with secular, nationalist military regimes, now those regimes will be replaced with Islamic regimes. In the United States we have the Unions, which are neck deep in radical Marxist thinking, taking to the street to bring real democratically elected state governments to their knees.

The unions in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana, want everyone to think that they are protecting their right to organize. Don’t buy it. No one has threatened their right to organize, unions aren’t being outlawed, what is being attempted and what must happen is that government workers must lose their stranglehold on the government. Since they need bigger government for their workers they want government to grow and grow, past what we have now. They want their allies in the Democratic party to run the state, and tax and spend, tax and spend, until there is no more money, no more private sector, and no more freedom.

President Obama is in bed with these goons and wants the same thing they want, so the American people can’t count on him to do the right thing and protect the American people, the republic, and make sure that the economic structure doesn’t completely collapse. This alliance has only one goal in mind, the removal of the current system, and the end of the United States of America.

If these revolutions are successful in the Middle East we can expect to see oil rices skyrocket, along with the price for everything else. This will make the leftists happy in creating the economic chaos needed to try to bring down the free market system and it makes the Muslim fanatics happy because we will be buying their oil, filling their treasuries, and thus subsidizing their jihad, terrorist attacks, and their inevitable wars with Israel.

Whether the American people want to realize it or not we are faced with an enemy from within and without that hopes to destroy this country, end the republic, and make us lose our freedoms. Don’t believe me? Do leftists believe in freedom of the press? After all they are the ones always talking about net neutrality, the fairness doctrine, and creating speech codes on University campuses. They don’t believe in the right to keep and bear arms. They don’t believe in freedom of religion. They want religion destroyed. They don’t believe in economic freedom.

If the American people don’t stand up and fight both of these groups then we run the very real risk of losing our constitutional freedoms. Governors Walker, Kasich, and Daniels need to stand firm and put the government workers in their place. The American people need to understand that what is happening in the Middle East is, on the whole, not a good development for American interests. We had to fight to get our freedom, keeping those freedoms might be an even bigger fight.

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