A Muslim World Turned Upside Down

By: Ken Hughes

Could it be Muslim terrorists are beginning to scare Muslims? For years Muslims have been relocating in western societies away from the harsh restriction of strict Islamic laws. Immigrants have a tendency to bring much of their old culture with them when they relocate in a new country. This is often offensive to the native people of the new land, they welcome immigrants to come and be one of them but not to come and not try to assimilate into the new society. This is a bigger problem in European countries where people are more tribal than in America where the traditions are borrowed and redefined to fit there personal wants and needs. Americans have a way of turning the mundane into magic perhaps that’s why the first relocation choice of most Muslims is usually America.

Muslim Arabs all over the Middle East are turning against the autocratic rule they’ve been subject to for thousands of years. Thousands are fleeing across the Mediterranean to European countries for their safety. Within weeks many of those will be coming to America and Canada where their opportunities are limitless as compared to their homelands. When a person moves from nothing to something, something doesn’t have to consist of very much to make it seem like paradise. Most Arab immigrants don’t assimilate into their new surroundings because of fear, the fear of thousands of years of oppression by Kings and religious leaders. Old traditions are an opiate that’s hard to conquer, it isn’t so much that these new immigrants want to change their new surroundings it’s they’re afraid they can’t change to meet the necessary standards of their new countries.

Westerners have no concept of what it’s like to live as a commoner in any of the Middle Eastern countries with perhaps the exception of Israel. The common person ekes out a living as a tradesman of sorts or perhaps a tourist guide while the poor sift through the garbage of the major cities in the Middle East. The billions of dollars and euros raked in from the oil fields don’t get passed down to the masses, like cream on milk it remains on top. There’s one more thing about the so called Middle Eastern Democracies, they don’t trust their own people. Most of the oil rich Arab countries import their day labor from the poor Pacific Rim countries. As a political ideology Islam hasn’t moved very far forward in the past two thousand years. There was a time when the Middle East was the cradle of civilization, then nothing and it’s been nothing of any significance for thousands of years.

The secret to any society’s progress is unencumbered education. Today the internet is providing information previously limited by tyrannical governments from their people. Young Arab men and women are beginning to distinguish their poverty from their leader’s opulence. The newly educated class of young Arab men and women are beginning to realize it’s not Westerners who are stealing their birthright it’s their own ruling class. Westerners pay for what they take but it isn’t being passed around to the masses.

The Islamic Religion and the way it’s being perverted by some of the religious leaders in these various Arab countries and their Persian cousins have a great deal to do with the attitude of the Middle East population. It wasn’t that many centuries ago Christians were behaving in much the same way in that part of the world. Over the years Christians have learned to separate their hard crop religious beliefs from their everyday lives making them and society much more productive in more acceptable ways. Once the bond between Orthodox Islam and more moderate beliefs can be established young Arabs can begin to prosper as well.

The Infidels [non-Muslims] see Jesus as Gods perfect son and Muhammad as Gods evil son. These views are taken from the writings in the New Testament and the Qur’an as interpreted by the nonaffiliated historians of the day. Arabs, Persians and their Bedouin cousins had settled into harsh country all the way from Morocco to Pakistan. In order to survive it took more than their camels and finding the trade routes from one oasis to the next, it took faith in a higher power. Today the trade routes are paved and the camels have four wheels, some traditions are harder to break than others.

What if the turmoil in the Arab world had nothing to do with the infidels but instead is between traditionalists Muslims and the more moderate Muslims? What if the infidels stepped back and allowed the various Muslim sects to resolve their own differences. History tells us this has worked many times in the non-Muslim world. Combat has been as much a part of all religious ideologies as love has been, Christians have always been enamored with love and in days gone by would kill to promote it, why not allow Muslims the same privilege? Perhaps it’s time for Americans to stop plying big brother and let the rest of the world work out their own problems. Two centuries of hostility among our world neighbors should have told us we can’t buy friendship or respect these are qualities we must earn by the way we treat and interact with our neighbors.

The title of this article is “A Muslim World Turned Upside Down” perhaps it should have been titled “A Muslim World Turned Rightside Up.” Those young Arab men and women protesting across the Middle East are doing so for a reason and that reason isn’t to expand the Islamic Religion to become more oppressive than it is now. It’s a cry for more freedom and more opportunity for self expression. Young Arabs, Persians and Bedouins want the same I-Toys the rest of the world enjoys and they want them now. Education is something that can’t be suppressed for long, once the glimmer of hope rises above the horizon it’s impossible to put the Genie back in the bottle. These young Muslim men and women will have their way as all young men and women seeking freedom have in the past.

Freedom worth having is freedom worth fighting for and dying for if necessary, freedom is earned not given.


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