WoW Those Graceful Union Losers

By: Ken Hughes

The key to the constitutional republic election process is to determine winners and losers by voting. That seems to escape the Wisconsin Union members reasoning. And why is that? Could it be because unions don’t abide by democratic election rules and all their decisions are made by automatic appointment? Unions collect millions in membership dues and all they have to spend it on is rent, utilities and political bribes, [also known as lobbying]. And yes I neglected to add private union parting at plush tropical resorts. A Union management job may be one of the most fun jobs with the least work involved any adult can ever hope to find.

Somewhere tucked away in the bowels of the nation’s capital is a subculture of malcontents posing as the good guys out to restore America to something it never was. I recently counted thirty one organizations that claim to be the progressive salvation of America. They had such clever names as Green for All, 1 Sky Party, Blue Green Alliance,, AFL-CIO, Serra Club and Media Matters just to name a few. All of these organizations are promoting the American Dream of a socialized America. The phrase American Dream predates any of these originations by decades. The American dream is the epitome of the Declaration of Independence and what it meant to the early colonials. They may not have realized it but Leif Erikson and Cristobel Colon. aka [Christopher Columbus] had the American dream. The meaning of the American Dream can’t be hijacked by a group of unionized socialist thugs any more than the country can.

There’s no question the handlers who direct the Puppet President in the oval office are also in charge of the malcontents protesting physical responsibility by the various state governments, their motto seems to be “We got ours, screw the rest.” This is something the public is no longer buying.

A few weeks ago the Propaganda in Chief Barack Obama called for a new civility. This came after a deranged individual shot and killed a number of people in Tucson Arizona. The presidents remarks came after the left tried to blame conservatives and the Tea Party for the incident and failed. Obama’s spit wasn’t dry on his teleprompters before he went back into attack mode against the newly elected Republican officials of Wisconsin. Not since the election of Jimmy Carter has America been burdened with such an inept person as president. Obama is like a juvenile at Toy “R” Us who cleans out the store with no intention of paying for any of the items. Obama comes from the welfare / union class mentality that has been lead to believe they should be the privileged class. How many times has Obama berated the rich and famous only to make them his constant companions? Can anyone recall a time when a small business operator got within ear or eye shot of Obama?

The public is learning some interesting facts from all the turmoil going on between the unions and the various Governors. Not only about the strangle hold unions have on the education system but on other municipalities and state governments as well. What hasn’t been known until now are the restrictions on unions over federal workers contracts. When Jimmy Carter was president congress limited union negating powers to a few simple areas. These are the same rulings the states are asking for, if they’re good enough for the federal government why are they bad for the states? Could these federal rules be the reason Obama is parsing his comments pertaining to the various states disagreements with the unions?

When Obama was sworn an oath and promised to obey the constitution and the laws of the country he assumed because liberal Democrat were in charge the laws would be what they decided and as for the constitution it was something he’d never been acquainted with so why bother. Barack Obama totally misread the demographics of America, The left assumed because they were the most vocal they represented the majority of Americans. Screaming and violent rhetoric may win the attention of the media but it doesn’t win the hearts and minds of the people. The silent majority speak at the ballot box not at Starbucks on Wi Fi and the like. I doubt there’s a Facebook or Tweeter registered under the name “We the People”. We the people aren’t wasting their time they’re out there working to improve all of America not just the few.

For the past forty five years screaming liberals have captured and held the attention of the mainstream media, that is until the Internet Talk Radio and Fox News became alternative sources dispensing fair and balanced information. Liberals would much prefer carcinogens be freely dispensed to the public than having the truth about their agendas told.

After we’ve seen the placards and heard the comments of the teachers in Madison Wisconsin, teachers will never again be able to claim the high road of education. They appear to be what they’re being portrayed as, spoiled uneducated, unqualified riffraff that some how have been granted teaching certificates. For years billions of tax payer dollars and trillions of politically correct words have shrouded the teaching profession from any ridicule. Many teachers will say when they aren’t being monitored they aren’t allowed to teach the way they would like to. They say a liberal agenda is the only acceptable way to teach and stay employed. School curriculums no longer come from local school boards, [i.e.] communities they come from the Washington bureaucracy and the national teachers union.

This fight between the public and public sector union workers in America has nothing to do with the battles in the Middle East. It’s childish for those union thugs to even suggest it has. One fight is for freedom the other is for greed. The public has finally had enough of unions dictating how the work place should be managed. America is about to take back their local governments and kick the unions in the a** and send them the hell out of Dodge.

The hostility union protesters are showing the mainstream media isn’t reporting this is an abomination. Every state in America is planning ways to cut back on public sector wage benefits and yet not a single state with a democratic governor has been targeted by the mainstream media. New York and California are making some very drastic cuts, where’s the beef?

Tea Party is 100% American as it’s always been. Don’t let the fancy rhetoric and the posturing make your decisions for you. This is America where every thought is valid and every thought counts.


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