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March 5, 2011

American Activists Fight Illegal Immigration In Historic Number of States

Filed under: Immigration - 05 Mar 2011

Thousands of activists are calling, e-mail, writing, and visiting state lawmakers in an historic number of states in 2011, asking for laws that protect American workers, students, taxpayers, and voters from the negative impacts of illegal immigration!

Libya: British special forces conduct daring rescue

Filed under: War On Terror - 05 Mar 2011

British special forces troops conducted a daring rescue and evacuation operation on Saturday that one U.S. counterterrorist called “a mission deserving of motion picture depiction.”

Resisting Obamacare with the Interstate Compact

Filed under: Politics In General - 05 Mar 2011

By: Brian Saint-Paul

On April 26, 1783, two weeks after Congress approved a preliminary peace treaty with England, the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey entered into a compact over their shared use of the Delaware River. The waterway was an …

A Battle We Cannot Afford to Lose

Patriots since the founding have always risen to the challenges of their time. Today, we must do the same. As the debt crisis deepens, the time is growing short. We must demand our lawmakers speak truthfully about the budget, and …