American Activists Fight Illegal Immigration In Historic Number of States


Thousands of activists are calling, e-mail, writing, and visiting state lawmakers in an historic number of states in 2011, asking for laws that protect American workers, students, taxpayers, and voters from the negative impacts of illegal immigration!

Despite some pushes for state level Amnesty for illegal aliens via guest worker programs in Utah and Nebraska, the overwhelming majority of bills are aimed at enforcing America’s existing immigration and border laws that are not being enforced well by the Obama administration.

“We are going to pass many Arizona-style immigration enforcement bills in 2011,” said William Gheen, President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC. “Illegal immigrants are having a negative impact on American workers, students, taxpayers, and voters and state lawmakers are responding well to citizen pressure to act.”

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) has been very active dealing with state legislation over the last few years. The organization has helped to defeat all state bills that provide benefits, licenses, and in-state tuition for illegals since 2005 with the exception of two cases.

ALIPAC has helped to pass tough state level immigration enforcement bills in many states including Georgia, Arizona, South Carolina, and Oklahoma.

“We shall go on until the end. We shall fight illegal immigration in Washington. We shall fight back in the cities and towns,” said William Gheen. “We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the states! We will defend our nation whatever the cost may be. We shall never surrender!”

ALIPAC activists are lighting up the phone lines of state lawmakers in Utah and Nebraska today as part of a ‘lightning round’ effort to apply national pressure on strategic points in the states. Six states will be targeted this week.

For a list prepared for media and activists tracking legislation, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC activists are supporting and opposing in these states please visit …

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