Politically Incorrect, And Proud Of It

By: Keith Allison

Bill Clinton was overheard telling a friend that he had seen the worst wreck he had ever seen in his life this morning. His friend asked if it occurred when he was going to some event where he was supposed to make a speech? Bill replied, “No, all I did was roll over in bed this morning, and there she was.”

My readers may, or may not know that over the past several months, I’ve attempted to file a federal lawsuit against the American Dental Association, its constituent associations and/or societies and their membership. The reason for the lawsuit was due to the way the dental community deprives denturists of their Common Law Rights to Earn Their Living at Their Chosen Occupation. This deprivation of one of our basic Rights is due to the fact that in the various States Dental Practice Acts, dentistry has bribed politicians into retaining an unconstitutional provision within the Act despite all empirical reports showing that denturists and/or their practice of denturitry represent no known potential for harm to anyone. That portion of the Dental Practice Acts is not only unconstitutional, it also involves restraint of trade in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act.

I’ve made eight attempts to have that case adjudicated, but each time I file the case, the so-called judges dismiss it with no findings of fact or conclusions of law; this being a legal requirement a judge is to fulfill upon dismissing any lawsuit. Also, the damages are far in excess of $20.00, and the law specifies that any lawsuit with damages in excess of $20.00 may not be arbitrarily dismissed. Of course, those dismissals may have been brought about due to my having to file the lawsuits as a pro se litigant rather than using the services of an attorney. I would have preferred using an attorney to handle the case, but from what I was told by the few attorney’s who agreed to prosecute the case, they were informed by their local Bar Associations that if they didn’t drop off the case, they would lose their licenses to practice law.

Judge Leighton, a jurist in the Tacoma, Washington branch of the U.S. District Court was the latest miscreant of questionable legal ethics to toss the case into his circular file. This despite the defendants failure/refusal to respond to the allegations within the 20 day time frame required by law. Like the others, he also failed to mention any findings of fact or conclusions of law justifying his actions, but dismissed the case with prejudice. He also stated that I “would not be allowed to file any further claims in that court unless I received prior permission from him to do so.

Well, I’ve got a public announcement for der Fuhrer judge (the failure to capitalize the word judge was intentional as a sign of my disrespect for him and others like him), I refuse to ask some public servant for permission to do what the law allows me, and/or any other citizen to do without prior permission from an incompetent, common crook hiding behind the black robes of questionable justice. The only thing I can presume is that judge Leighton was practicing politics instead of the law, and took a payoff from the dental community to discharge my lawsuit. It was that or he has contempt for a pro se litigant crossing the threshold of his inner sanctum. Just so my readers know, every person in these United States has the constitutional Right to file a lawsuit as a pro se litigant in spite of the fact that it might not be as well written as one filed by a so-called licensed attorney.

Since judge(?) Leighton used his judicial position to act in defiance of the law, I felt the need to inform the public of his contempt for the law and the citizens of this nation. Should the miscreant decide to retaliate for my contempt for him and/or his actions, I say “feel free to do so you cowardly piece of human garbage, I will be more than happy to continue exposing your corrupt behavior to my readers and the public in general. In short, you and other judges like you, are not the sort of person this nation needs sitting on anything but a park bench trying to intimidate the pigeons begging for a handout.

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