Democrats are the Problem

By: Craig Chamberlain

The Democratic party loves to portray themselves as the party of the little guy. Fighting for the poor, the oppressed, and the downtrodden, it seeks to protect these victims from the predators of society and tries to take power away from the fat cats and give it back to the people. Uh-huh. Forgive my skepticism, but history has shown that the Democratic party is outstanding at saying one thing and doing another. It’s about staying in power by any means necessary. I doubt the party leaders even believe their own rhetoric. For all of their talk about empowering the little guy, at the end of the day they retreat to their mansions, light up a cigar, and laugh at the poor peasants they’re representing. It would be easier to take the Democratic party seriously when they talk about the middle class, or working class, if their party actually had any such people running the show. Let’s be honest, the party is made up of rich union bosses, media drones, Hollywood parasites, and hedge fund managers. There’s no room at the table for people from the working class.

They lie, rant, and rave, about democracy yet when they get taken to the woodshed by the voters then, all of a sudden, they’re skeptical about democracy. They’ll even flee the jurisdiction to avoid a vote that they can’t win. You see when it comes to the Democratic party democracy can be summed up neatly in the phrase “heads I win, tails you lose” Did they care about what the people were telling them when they had the majority and they rammed their agenda through against their objections? Do they really care about the working people, or are they more interested in protecting their biggest donors? The Democratic party had a very undemocratic scheme to perpetuate their power. They would give the public sector unions a lot of money, the unions would then give it to the party to make sure that they won the elections and the Democrats would, in turn, increase the money and power of the unions. It was a beautiful scheme make the taxpayers pay for the unions so the unions can pay for the Democratic party. If it were really the party of the people wouldn’t most of their money come from private donations from working families instead of the public treasury?

The Democrats know that if the public unions are defanged then they lose a lot of money for 2012 and beyond. They can’t let that happen. So the progressives, lashing out in a reactionary fury, are doing all they can to stop the democratic system. They are running and hiding with their tails tucked between their legs. Well, they’re not really hiding they’re just taking a long overdue vacation at public expense. It’s so exhausting bankrupting the country that they just need a little break. In the mean time the leftist goons have seized the capitol in Madison in an attempt to intimidate the state legislature from voting. This is a typical tactic of the party. When you have the majority then the will of the people is absolute. The people are brilliant, progressive, tolerant, and enlightened. When they are in the minority the people are stupid, reactionary, bigoted, homophobic, and hate filled. How’s that for loving the people?

If they cared about the people these goons would put their money where their mouths are. Take care of the people by taking care of the debt. Instead they’re too busy hiding away at resorts, in a move that will see thousands of working people lose their jobs. Instead of working with Governor Walker, they compare him to Hitler. (aren’t we all a little tired of the Hitler card by now? Unless you’ve actually killed twelve million people in death camps you can’t be compared to him. And after eight years of hearing President Bush compared to him it’s a bit tiresome and juvenile. Don’t we cheapen the crimes of real Nazis by comparing every Republican- a party that certainly has never committed a genocide- to them?)

Their only solution is to raise taxes on “the rich” The morons have obviously never taken an economics class before. First the class warfare thing isn’t working. Secondly by “rich” they mean anyone who actually works for a living, and lastly these dumb apes seem to forget that high taxes merely drive taxpayers out of the state. What’s to stop the “rich” from just up and leaving a state if a state does things the way the Democrats want? Apparently their dream state is a state where they have chased off the middle class and business class. And all that remains is the poor, and the unions. Both of which are dependent on the Democratic party so they keep them in power forever. Oh wait there’s a state like that. It’s called West Virginia, and look how well that state works. That’s the Democrats vision for America. Not exactly pleasant.

If America ever wants to get itself out the mess the Democrats got us into then the Democrats must not just be voted out of office, but we must insist that the tax payers will no longer subsidize their party through public sector unions. They have brought nothing but debt, poverty, and weakness to this country. We cannot allow them to continue to do so.

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